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Kawasaki Disease is the leading cause of acquired heart disease in children in the UK. It's time we changed that....

...together we will



Cracked lips/

'strawberry' tongue

Bloodshot eyes

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​​​​Raising Awareness - In your community, at work, at your school

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Kawasaki Disease presents with symptoms, many of which mirror those of other common childhood diseases. The symptoms of Kawasaski Disease can also appear in series (i.e. not all at once) over a few days.

The single defining characteristic of Kawasaki Disease is the distinctively persistent high fever, which is always present together with two or more of the symptoms shown here.

Because of the similarity of symptoms with other childhood illnesses and because Kawasaki Disease awareness is currently low, cases of Kawasaki Disease are often misdiagnosed.  ​At Societi, we want to change that - and encourage medical practitioners to... 

...THINK Kawasaki Disease!

...when children with these symptoms are seen. Timely diagnosis will IMPROVE a child's chances of a good recovery.

Children with Kawasaki Disease can be characteristically irritable. Our Founder created this TEMPERS mnemonic to help everyone  remember the symptoms of Kawasaki Disease.

​​​​Raising Awareness - Kawasaki Disease 

Persistent fever

Remember TEMPERS!

Swollen glands

Making Kawasaki Disease memorable is important. Making it VISIBLE is important too.  That's why we have made a printable poster.  You can download it here, print it out and take it places.....

​Take it to your......

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​-- School

​-- Community Centre

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​You'll have better ideas than us!

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Please  get  in touch  and we can talk about ways we can can help you if you want to work together with  us to  raise awareness of Kawasaki Disease.

​Or print out your own TEMPERS by using the download link below!

Print your own TEMPERS?

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Would you like to help us tell everyone about our TEMPERS?!

A great way to raise awareness is to share information on social media. These jpegs are for you to download and use on your social media platforms.  Post, tag and share the images wherever and whenever you can - we would just ask, that if you do use these images, please do not alter them in any way.

​Ever thought of Kawasaki Disease information as WALL ART?!! We have! We made this poster for a regional event - it's intended to be printed at A1 or A0 size but works OK if you want to print it at A3.

​If you can cover the costs of printing and P&P - and would like a copy for your community building, pharmacy, GP surgery or local hospital - please get in touch and we'll post one to you!

THINK Kawasaki Disease!

​​​​Raising Awareness - Because EVERYONE should know Kawsaki Disease!

​​​​Raising Awareness - Social Media


Raising awareness of Kawasaki Disease is our No 1 priority. Coming up with new ways to reach people and re-inventing the story of Kawasaki Disease really does keep our Founder awake at night! We know Kawasaki Disease is SERIOUS. Awareness is URGENT. We are determined to tell "just" 65 million people about Kawasaki Disease. That's everyone in the UK. Please help us if you can.

At Societi we recognise timely diagnosis, followed by correct treatment as a transformational opportunity to prevent what can be devastating effects from Kawasaki Disease. By raising awareness of Kawasaki Disease across policy makers and funders, the medical community and the general public, Societi aims to enable children to have access to timely diagnosis, correct treatment and appropriate long term support.​