Junior Fundraising Heroes

Some of our BEST and most CREATIVE fundraisers are young people who have decided, “……you know what? I’m going to make a difference!”

We are lucky at Societi, we receive INCREDIBLE support from junior fundraisers who have taken on some simply enormous challenges for Kawasaki Disease awareness and we want them to know – we think YOU are AMAZING!!

We are so grateful, for the inspired ideas, passion, and determination of all our junior fundraisers.

Here’s some articles on amazing young people who have organised fundraising and awareness events for Societi. Scroll down and have a look, they inspire us 🙂 and we think they’ll inspire you too!


Reuben Inspires his Community

Reuben is only 6 years old – he has been involved in countless fundraisers and challenges with his family and more often than not is the mastermind behind new ideas he and his family can get involved in, to raise awareness of Kawasaki Disease. He is proud to be a Kawasaki Disease advocate and help spread awareness of this serious disease.

Reuben was just 2½ when he was diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease and although he is still so young he is determined to make a difference, to help protect children’s hearts – and that is why he is just so special and why we are extremely proud of him and ALL his incredible achievements.

Reuben is the inspiration behind the incredibly popular ‘non-uniform/wear red day’ at his school and 4 other schools in his area – literally raising thousands of pounds for Kawasaki Disease. He has even stood up and spoken about Kawasaki Disease in assemblies, in front of his whole school WOW – at just 6 years old – he is a very brave little boy.

Thank you, Reuben, for EVERYTHING you have done and continue to do to help raise awareness of Kawasaki Disease. You truly are a junior fundraising hero!!

Josie Walks for Awareness

For someone so young, Josie age 10 has taken part in not just ONE fundraiser for Kawasaki Disease awareness but THREE and has quite literally raised thousands of pounds in her pursuit to help protect tiny hearts – tiny hearts like hers 💕💕

In 2018 Josie was diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease – just 7 years old and as a result she has been left with damage to her coronary arteries. Josie wants to help raise awareness of Kawasaki Disease to help other children just like her in the future.

Children affected by Kawasaki Disease need URGENT care because rapid diagnosis and treatment can reduce the risk of life long, serious heart damage.

Josie is not one for letting anything get in her way and is determined to not let it stop her! She has undertaken a number of walking and hiking challenges and events with her simply wonderful and supportive family, who are committed to raising awareness of Kawasaki Disease. We are blown away by Josie’s strength and determination to help get Kawasaki Disease known.

Josie we think you are AMAZING ❤️❤️❤️ YOU are making such a HUGE effort for tiny hearts affected by Kawasaki Disease – Thank you.

Ethan’s 24 Hour Gaming Fundraiser

As Fundraising activities go, we thought we had pretty much seen them all! But oh no, 15-year-old Ethan caught us out after taking part in a 24 hour live streaming event on his Xbox – to raise money for Kawasaki Disease awareness!

Ethan planned to start playing his Xbox on a Saturday morning at 10am and he didn’t stop until 10am on Sunday morning. AMAZING!

Luckily for Ethan his wonderful mum and fabulous Societi supporter Debbie, kept him hydrated and fed during the event.

Every pound raised helps us to protect tiny hearts from Kawasaki Disease – and with an impressive total of £209 that’s £1 raised every 4 minutes by Ethan!! A staggering achievement from one of our youngest fundraisers!

Ethan – we think you’re INCREDIBLE! Thank you for gaming so hard… for so long!!

Gemma’s Two castle’s Run


14 year old Societi supporter Gemma had planned to take part in the Two Castles event in 2020 to raise money for Societi. The 10k race is run between two of England’s most beautiful Castles, Warwick and Kenilworth. Such a fantastic way to raise funds for Societi!

Unfortunately the event had to be cancelled, as so many events were during 2020! But **unstoppable** Gemma made the decision to run the challenging distance of 10k anyway – whilst keeping in line with social distancing restrictions of course!

Gemma raised an AMAZING amount of money – £500!!! Such an INCREDIBLE achievement!

⭐️ Gemma is an absolute SUPERSTAR ⭐️ We’re so grateful for her resilience and determination, making a such HUGE effort for tiny hearts affected by Kawasaki Disease.

Dynamite Dexter’s 2x2x12 Challenge

Dexter is just 8 years old and one of our youngest EVER fundraisers. He undertook a HUGE challenge for Kawasaki Disease awareness.

Going the extra mile Dexter set himself a 2x2x12 challenge, taking on 2 challenges or 2k every 2 hours for 12 hours – and he absolutely smashed it!!

Dexter ran, walked, biked, bounced, balance hovered and wiggle scooted his way to help protect tiny hearts! Not only that, but Dexter and his army of supporters raised a staggering £700!! – AMAZING

This is a HUGE undertaking for someone so young. Dexter is full of determination and proudly committed to helping raise money for Societi. Dexter got very sick when he was just four years old and after an initial misdiagnosis (something we hear all too often) a young doctor spotted it was Kawasaki Disease. He then got the treatment he needed.

Dexter doesn’t want another child to have to go through the same misdiagnosis as him – he wants to help protect children’s hearts.

What an absolute SUPER STAR ⭐⭐⭐ and HERO for children’s hearts! 💙💙💙 Thank you.