KD-CAAP and Your Data

We are all rightly interested to know how our information and details are used today, so it’s important for us to let you know how your data will be used and stored, if you join the KD-CAAP clinical trial.

How participant data is used

University College London (UCL) is the “data controller” for the KD-CAAP trial. A data controller collects, safeguards and processes personal information. It also makes the decisions about why and how the data is processed.

In KD-CAAP, data about all the trial patients being treated will be collected from each of the hospitals taking part in the study. Doctors leading the trial will use this information to find out whether adding in another treatment into the standard treatment for Kawasaki Disease (by adding steroids) makes a difference to children who are ill.  So – it will find out whether giving steroids in addition to IVIG and aspirin to children with Kawasaki Disease reduces heart complications – or does not.

Information on how University College London uses personal information can be found in the privacy notices on their website.

If you have questions regarding the data collection in the KD-CAAP trial, you can contact the KD-CAAP Coordinating Centre:

KD-CAAP Coordinating Centre

MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL
90 High Holborn
2nd Floor

Email: mrcctu.kdcaap@ucl.ac.uk