Kawasaki Disease is the leading cause of acquired heart disease in children in the U.K.  It’s time we changed that…     

…Together we will.

Societi is an influencing and policy shaping organisation which works through partnerships to drive real change in awareness across the UK, about Kawasaki Disease. Join us?

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Kawasaki Disease Symptoms

Kawasaki Disease is increasingly common with c. 1,000 hospital admissions each year in the UK. Symptoms include a characteristic and distinctively persistent high fever for five days or more, plus two or more of the following symptoms – rash, bloodshot eyes, “strawberry” tongue, cracked, dry lips, redness of the fingers and toes, swollen glands (often just on one side).

If a child has a persistent fever together with two or more of these symptoms, THINK Kawasaki Disease. Early treatment is critical to reduce the risk of lifelong heart disease.

  • Persistent fever

  • Swollen fingers/toes

  • Cracked lips / Strawberry tongue

  • Bloodshot eyes

  • Rash

  • Swollen glands

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Kawasaki Support Group

Are you looking for support and someone to talk to after a diagnosis of Kawasaki Disease?

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Our Family Resource Portal

If you’ve been affected by Kawasaki Disease, you’ll find lots of additional information on these pages.  There’s answers to questions you might have, an overview of what you might expect, an interview with one of our Kawasaki Disease experts, Professor Tulloh – hear from other families about their experiences and much more!

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