For Clinicians

Supporting doctors to get to know more about Kawasaki Disease is a very important focus for us.

On this page you’ll find CPD resources, accredited mini courses, information films, research papers , resources you can share with your patients – and much more.

We are also working to establish partnerships with children’s hospitals – where we keep teams of doctors updated with the latest information about Kawasaki Disease – as we build a community of doctors through the U.K. who really get to know this sinister disease – and want to protect tiny hearts. Contact us if you’d like to know more.

If there’s information you’d like, and you can’t find on this page, please let us know and we’ll do what we can to get you everything you need.

Kawasaki Disease – Acute Management – An expert led discussion

Created by doctors for doctors as we work to get Kawasaki Disease known, Dr Jethro Herberg and Dr Harsita Patel from Imperial College London discuss how to spot and treat Kawasaki Disease in this expert led training film.

Take our Clinicians Kawasaki Disease quiz! Just click here!

Have you got a spare 15 minutes in your day..? Why not refresh your knowledge in an increasingly common disease – take our Kawasaki Disease clinical quiz! Our clinical quiz  has been developed from our “Little Book of Kawasaki Disease” – a book compiled with the guidance of doctors who are expert in Kawasaki Disease.  With more doctors having up-to-date knowledge about this increasingly common disease, we hope to improve the speed of diagnosis and treatment for all children affected by Kawasaki Disease, to reduce their risk of lifelong heart disease. Many of the questions are taken from our film Acute Kawasaki Disease Management – an expert-led discussion, endorsed by the RCPCH Education and Learning Committee and can be accessed via a link after completing the quiz.

You can take our Kawasaki Disease clinicians’ quiz by clicking here.


Kawasaki Disease Podcast – An interview with top UK healthcare leaders

As we work to raise awareness of Kawasaki Disease and keep it high on the radar of clinicians as we go into autumn and winter, Rachael McCormack, Founder of Societi Foundation talks to Professor Damian Roland, Professor Paul Brogan and Professor Simon Kenny to discuss Kawasaki Disease. An interview with doctors, for doctors!

To listen to the podcast, click here.

Alternatively, you can read our podcast transcript here.

Professor Robert Tulloh – Interview with BMJ Heart Journal

Professor Robert Tulloh gives an overview of the Lifetime cardiovascular management of patients with previous Kawasaki Disease Paper published recently by Heart BMJ.

WARNING: This podcast is by a doctor and for other doctors. It may contain content that is not generally suitable, especially for children. We would advise listening with caution.

To listen to the podcast click here

Spotting Zebras! Overcoming the challenges of Kawasaki Disease diagnosis

This is an information pack prepared to support a workshop session at RCPCH conference. It has been produced based on a RCPCH training webinar given by Professor Robert Tulloh and Professor Paul Brogan. Click here to download the pack.

We’d actively encourage you to watch the webinar which provides an excellent training session for staff teams. To watch the webinar, please visit here