Sharing Experiences of Kawasaki Disease

It’s Unique…


Just as the symptoms of Kawasaki Disease present uniquely on every child, from our conversations with families it’s clear that everyone’s experience of Kawasaki Disease over time is unique too – although there is much we can learn together by sharing our experiences. Generous Societi Supporters have shared – and continue to share parts of their experience, so that these might help other families and patients. Our Family Stories on film, within our Family Resource Portal are great examples of these.

On this page we’re developing a series of further shared experiences which we hope will add more insight and be a source of information and help as you follow your own, unique Kawasaki Disease Journey. We are very grateful to the Societi Supporters who have contributed to this page. If you’d like to contribute to this page, please contact us.

It’s important to remember that the experiences shared here are personal stories and do not constitute medical advice.  Consult your usual doctor or your GP if you need medical advice.