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Hospital Tests & Medicines

We are delighted to be working in partnership with Children in Hospital who have created the brilliant series of films below. They have generously allowed us to share these films – as a resource for Societi parents and families. If you find them useful – and we are certain you will – please consider a donation to Children in Hospital. They rely (as we do) purely on donations to create new films. You can send this donation directly – or to Societi and we will pass on your donation in full. 

About Angiograms

This is one test which some children may need, but we don’t have a video for this test at the moment. So here is a description of the procedure and what it can involve.

The test is done in an x-ray room,  usually asleep under general anaesthetic for small children, but can be done when awake for teenagers or young adults. You can expect the test to last at least an hour, although it can sometimes take longer.

  • Your hospital will ask you/your child not to eat or drink anything for a few hours before your angiogram.
  • You/your child will be given a local anaesthetic in the groin, where a catheter (a thin, flexible tube) will be passed into the artery.
  • Using an x-ray, the catheter will be directed through your/your child’s blood vessels and into the heart.
  • A special dye will then be passed through the catheter and a series of x-rays will be taken. If you/your child are awake, you/your child might feel a hot, flushing sensation from the dye.  The dye will show up any narrowed areas or blockages in the artery on the x-ray.
  • During you/your child’s procedure, you/your child will be monitored by a heart monitor that records the heart rate and rhythm, but if you/your child feel unwell or uncomfortable at any time, you/your child should tell a member of the hospital staff.
  • After the procedure, you/your child will be recovering on a day case ward while you/your child wake up. Often you/your child can be sent home the same day.