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Raise Awareness and Fundraise in your Community

How do I get started?

If you’re interested in raising awareness of Kawasaki Disease – and fundraising for Societi we can provide you with the tools you’ll need to do that!  We’ll work with you to make your event a success.  Let us know how we can help you and we’ll always try to provide you with what you need. You’ll find information on this page to help you hold a variety of events, but if you’ve something else in mind, just get in touch and we’ll help where we can! Perhaps a Curry Night – or a Bingo Night – or a Concert is what you have in mind….  Maybe a Superhero day, a Wear Red Day or a Cake sale – all of these are just great ways to raise awareness too!  We have helped our fundraisers with many different brilliant events! Please don’t let the selection of posters and ideas below limit your imagination!

To make the best start in planning your Kawasaki Conversation, download the Your Kawasaki Conversation booklet below.

Your Kawasaki Conversation – YOU can make a difference

Download your Kawasaki Conversation information pack here!


In here we have set out lots of ways that

you can start a ‘Kawasaki Conversation’

in your community, with friends, family – at school and at work.


TOGETHER we can make a difference.

 Cake Sale or a Coffee Morning!

….Schools – Or at Work – Wear Red Day / Non Uniform Day!

Download a Cake Sale Poster or Coffee Morning Poster here! Download a Wear Red poster or a Non Uniform Day poster here!

You can use these as event advertising posters – and if printed out smaller size, they work brilliantly as flyers too – just add the date of your event.  If you need us to send you hard copies, as long as you can meet the cost of postage, we can do this – just get in touch!

TEMPERS information leaflets can be downloaded here and if you’re looking for lots of these please get in touch and we can post you some.  Just remember to include your postal address in your email.

If you’d like to talk to us and get ideas on how to make the most of your event, how much notice to give, ideas on how to publicise locally and how to send in funds raised – get in touch. But you’ll find much of this information and more in our “Your Kawasaki Conversation” pack above.

Putting up a Poster

We believe that until everyone in the UK knows about Kawasaki Disease, our children will continue to face delays in getting the right diagnosis and the right treatment.  If organising a fundraising event right now isn’t for you, you can still make a hugely valuable contribution by raising awareness in your local community.  You can download our General Awareness Raising Poster here, and our TEMPERS printable leaflet too.  Posting copies of these into prominent locations locally – at school, at work, at your pharmacy, in the community hall – in the post office…. can really make a difference! If you display information do let us know what and where! We’d love to hear of your support so please do drop us a note.

Acknowledging Funding Contributions & Your Donations

Wherever we can we will always send a ‘thank you!’ to our fundraisers – and sometimes a certificate to formally display after a fundraiser is a nice thing to have in a community hall, GP surgery or school. If you fundraise and would like a certificate, please get in touch with us after your event and we will send one through.

And if you are working with a school to raise awareness – we can provide a letter home to parents – as schools communicate with parents by email most often, we can send you a letter by email which you can send on to school – for them to use after the event.

Anything Else?

Please just get in touch!