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Help and information

We hope the information contained in this booklet has been helpful to you. We know that a diagnosis of Kawasaki Disease within your family can be a very worrying and stressful experience. Being able to access reliable, expert backed information is very important to families during this difficult time.

Societi Foundation is a registered charity and is the UK Foundation for Kawasaki Disease. We are supported by a Scientific Advisory Board, a team of expert doctors, who review and inform all our work.

To support families during and after a Kawasaki Disease diagnosis, we provide information and resources aimed at answering your questions and supporting you. They include stories from other families – because you are not alone going through this, interviews with doctors who answer common questions, frequently asked questions in our Q&As, information on long term care and much more. You can access all this and much more at www.societi.org.uk. Please take a look.

KSSG (Kawasaki Support Group) is a support group for families, offering a helpline staffed by volunteer parents who themselves have experienced Kawasaki Disease. They also host a closed community Facebook group. See www.societi.org.uk for more details.

If you find you still have questions after checking out our website, please get in touch: info@societi.co.uk. As a charity, we don’t give medical advice, but we will always try to help where we can.