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Parent Guide

This guide was originally developed by Sue Davidson, one of the founders of the Parent Support Group KSSG, with clinical input from Professor Robert Tulloh and Dr Colin Michie – whilst at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital Trust and  Ealing Hospital respectively.

It has since been fully updated and expanded by Societi Foundation (December 2017) and reviewed for accuracy by Professor Robert Tulloh (Societi Foundation Trustee and Chair of the Societi Scientific Advisory Board) for use on our Family Resource Portal. It was last reviewed by Societi in April 2019.

The original version of this guide was funded by a kind donation from West Malling Golf Club for which KSSG were extremely grateful, also to the family who nominated them for the funds. Thanks to donors and Societi fundraisers, we have been able to review, revise and expand this guide for families affected by Kawasaki Disease. We will periodically review this and if you’d like to make a donation to support our work, please click here.


This guide is intended to help you understand more about Kawasaki Disease.  It may not answer all your questions but it does help to explain some of the common issues raised by parents of children who are diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease.  We hope you find the facts useful and are not worried by them.  We discuss lots of aspects of Kawasaki Disease in this section including a number of possible complications.  Just because possible complications are listed, it does not mean that your child will develop all or any of these, it is just meant to explain symptoms or signs should they occur.

You may also wish to read our leaflet on “Longer Term Issues” which can be downloaded here.

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