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Facts & Questions

On this page you’ll find information about current Kawasaki Disease guidelines, find useful questions you might want to ask at your next appointment and get to know who the leading doctors are in this field – and where Kawasaki Disease centres of excellence are, in the UK.

Current UK Guidelines for Kawasaki Disease

The current and most recent set of guidelines for the treatment of acute Kawasaki Disease in the UK was published in 2013. The 2013 guidelines include the correct acute treatment guidance and are helpful to refer to as a parent of a child who has been diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease. You can access the guidelines here.

New guidelines for lifetime cardiac management for Kawasaki Disease in the UK was published in December 2019. Increasing numbers of patients who suffered Kawasaki Disease in childhood are transitioning to the care of adult services where there is significantly less awareness and experience of the condition than in paediatric services. The aim of this document is to provide guidance on the long-term management of patients who have vascular complications of Kawasaki Disease and guidance on the emergency management of acute coronary complications.

The current U.K. guidelines can be downloaded here.

These new guidelines, on lifetime cardiac management describe what care children, young people and adults should expect over time when they have lasting heart damage from Kawasaki Disease.  Specialist lifetime care is important for children with lasting heart damage as a result of Kawasaki Disease.

We aim to encourage a standardised approach to Kawasaki Disease care.  We believe that wherever you are in the UK, your treatment should be the same, based on the best available expert knowledge.  The lifetime cardiac management guidance for those with lasting heart damage from Kawasaki Disease also raises awareness of Kawasaki Disease and the lifelong impact it can have, as well as setting out in full the specialist cardiac care which is needed.