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Clinical Facts & Questions

On this page you’ll find information about current and future Kawasaki Disease guidelines, find useful questions you might want to ask at your next appointment and get to know who the leading doctors are in this field – and where Kawasaki Disease centres of excellence are, in the UK.

Current UK Guidelines for Kawasaki Disease

The most recent set of guidelines for the treatment of acute Kawasaki Disease were published in 2013. New guidelines are now being written to replace these. The 2013 guidelines include the correct acute treatment guidance so if you have just had a diagnosis and been treated in line with these – don’t be concerned about the fact that there is new guidance underway.

Our 2013 U.K. guidelines can be downloaded here.

The new guidelines, which will be published in 2018 will update the guidance for clinicians, and specifically include ‘whole of life’ treatment guidance to describe what care children, young people and adults should expect over time.  Lifetime care is important for children with heart damage as a result of Kawasaki Disease.

We aim to encourage a standardised approach to Kawasaki Disease care.  We believe that wherever you are in the UK your treatment should be the same, based on the best available expert knowledge.  Another reason for updating the guidelines therefore is to publish them in prominent journals, raise awareness of Kawasaki Disease – and highlight to NHS Trusts that current national guidance (our new guidance) should be followed over ‘local’ guidance – which we know many Trusts currently use.

As soon as the new guidelines are published, you will find them on this page.