Societi Active

Our Race for Awareness!

Our fundraisers are extremely important in the RACE to get Kawasaki Disease known. Without YOU we wouldn’t be able to carry out our work and without YOU Societi wouldn’t be able to make an impact around Kawasaki Disease awareness – but we ARE – all because YOUR support is so fantastic!

Are you a keen cyclist, runner, swimmer, skier, or all-round ACTIVE individual?

Maybe you’d like to start doing a bit more, getting fit or just fancy being part of a great community!

Would you like to take part in events and activities to help protect tiny hearts and raise vital funds for Kawasaki Disease awareness……?

…….Welcome to SOCIETI ACTIVE

Societi Active grew from our very successful Societi virtual running group and now, renamed to Societi Active, supports fundraisers wanting to take part in any activity or event for Societi Foundation.

Whether you want to organise your own event, we can help get your plans rolling, or you want to enter an event for Societi, we can provide you with support, fundraising resources and tips as well as bespoke training plans.

Join our  EXCITING Facebook community here: Societi Active and receive support, fundraising ideas, events and challenges.

Meet the SOCIETI ACTIVE team

Societi  Active is a volunteer team of four passionate women who care deeply about protecting children’s hearts, keeping active, sports and supporting fundraisers challenges and events – we would be lost without them.

Meet Hayley

Hayley and sister Vikki (below) set up the very first Societi Virtual run and without them Societi Active would cease to exist. Hayley is devoted to helping to raise awareness of Kawasaki Disease. She is a constant innovator and always thinking of the next Societi Active event.

❤️ Her favourite dessert is Banoffee pie

❤️ Her favourite colour is bright pink

❤️ Her greatest ‘active’ achievement is running the Virgin London Marathon.

Meet Vikki







With impeccable organisational skills Vikki ensures that all the t’s are crossed, and i’s are dotted. Vikki is the most incredible supporter of Societi fundraisers. She invests huge amounts of time in supporting every single one and ensures they have everything they need for their event.

❤️ Her favourite dessert is cheesecake

❤️Her favourite colour is silver glitter

❤️ Her greatest ‘active’ achievement is running the Brighton marathon when she was 40

Meet Gayle









A force for good and an absolute fundraising machine! Gayle has organised and taken part in countless challenges for Kawasaki Disease awareness. She has energy in abundance, and it is utterly contagious.

❤️ Her favourite dessert is Chocolate Angel Delight

❤️ Her favourite colour is bright yellow

❤️ Her greatest ‘active’ achievement is coming second woman in the Ultra Tour of Edinburgh 2019.

Meet Lucy (pictured with her husband Andrew)

Lucy is a key member of Societi Active and is passionately driven to raise awareness of Kawasaki Disease. A keen multi-sport enthusiast, she has taken part in a number of endurance challenges for Societi Foundation and enjoys supporting fundraisers on their journey.  Husband, Andrew (pictured) is a qualified running coach and provides bespoke training plans for Societi runners.

❤️Her favourite dessert is Apple Crumble

❤️ Her favourite colour is  yellow

❤️ Her greatest ‘active’ achievement is swimming Lake Coniston.

Throughout 2022, we’ll have a host of events and volunteering opportunities to support our ‘Societi Active’ community! If you’re interested in either (or both!) keep an eye on this page as we’ll keep it updated with new opportunities as they arise! JOIN US! And help raise urgently needed awareness of Kawasaki Disease.



London Marathon 2 October 2022

If you’re lucky enough to get a place in the 2022 Virgin Money London Marathon ballot, or have a good for age or Championship place we’d love to have you on #TeamSocieti! As an own place runner there is no minimum fundraising target, we just ask that you raise what you can.

We will provide you with a bespoke training plan – if you want it, a Societi running vest and fundraising support and resources.  We would love to hear from you: Contact us here.

Obtaining a marathon place via the ballot is super tricky and the charity ballot – for smaller, lesser well-known charities is just as hard. 

Last year’s virtual event was a HUGE success with thousands of runners taking to the streets across the UK. Please get in touch at if you would like to run for Societi. We would love to have you onboard!

Societi supporter Dave Oh got in touch earlier this year and expressed he’d already secured a virtual place for London and would like to run for Societi. Read Dave’s story here and why he is running London marathon for Societi Foundation.


What is Kawasaki Disease?

Kawasaki Disease is predominantly a childhood illness though it can affect people of any age. Its cause is unknown. Kawasaki Disease is the leading cause of acquired heart disease in children. Awareness of Kawasaki Disease is currently low and it is often mistaken for other common childhood illnesses, leading to misdiagnosis and delayed treatment. Children who go untreated or who are treated later face higher risks of developing complications including lifelong heart damage. Early diagnosis and treatment are key to better outcomes.

Kawasaki Disease – why haven’t I heard about this before?

Kawasaki Disease is increasingly common in the U.K, globally cases are rising fast – but it remains little known by doctors and the general public alike. We want to change this! Too many children and young people today have heart damage because of Kawasaki Disease. The consequences of this can be very serious and can be lifelong …help us change this.

Please note:

When you undertake any activities in whatever form for Societi Foundation, you do so entirely at your own risk. We will not accept any liability should anything happen to you. You should follow the advice and instruction from professionals at all times. By participating, you confirm that you understand that any fees paid to enter are not refundable.