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KD-CAAP is on Twitter!

We are working to raise awareness of Kawasaki Disease and let everyone know about the work of the current clinical trial which is investigating better treatments for this serious disease.

As part of our work, we’ve created a Twitter account for the trial which you can follow for regular updates on progress. Just search KDCAAP on Twitter and click follow!

Ground-breaking clinical trial to protect tiny hearts begins!

Read our media release from April 2019 here:

INVESTMENT AT SCALE into Kawasaki Disease research!

You may remember… we have been talking about the award of funding for OUR CLINICAL TRIAL!!!

This is a very significant grant by Conect4Children and this is what they said on announcing the programme back in April:

“#Conect4Children has launched its first portfolio of pan-European paediatric studies. Building a #clinicaltrial infrastructure for the development of innovative and safer medicines for children in Europe. Read their press release here: https://bit.ly/2IMZiVB

The trial will be investigating the potential for BETTER acute treatments for Kawasaki Disease – treatments which may REDUCE the serious heart damage children experience all too often, when affected by Kawasaki Disease!
HUGE THANKS to the amazing Clinical Trial design team! Since a meeting in May 2016 (way, WAY back!) called by Societi Founder Rachael, this incredible team of expert clinicians with interest in Kawasaki Disease have been determined to succeed! Led by Prof Despina Eleftheriou and Prof Paul Brogan (both Scientific Advisory Board members for Societi), the team has worked non-stop to make our shared ambitions a reality!

Massive thanks too, to the brilliant parents and children who worked with us to guide the development of the trial – your role was key! And thanks – always – to ALL our Societi supporters – it’s YOUR support that powers our work and helps drive RESULTS like this.

Societi is a partner in the trial team and we’ll be involved throughout. This is the level of investment we have needed for so long! And already work is underway, across Europe – led by our team here in the UK.

WATCH THIS SPACE for more! We’ll update you again as soon as we can!