GP Packs and Hospital Packs

Does Your Doctor Know Kawasaki Disease?

A huge part of our work is raising awareness of Kawasaki Disease, especially within the medical community. We created our GP Information Packs and Hospital Information Packs to ensure that doctors have the information they need to make a Kawasaki Disease diagnosis quickly – We need doctors to EXPECT to see it and be READY to treat it.

Our GP Packs and Hospital Packs – which contain posters, leaflets and vital information for doctors on how to spot Kawasaki Disease – are getting into the hands of doctors all the time, helping them to get familiar with Kawasaki Disease. We’ve sent hundreds (HUNDREDS!!) this year already.

The map below shows which GP surgeries and which hospitals have received our packs.  Zoom in on the map to see if the GP surgeries in your local area or your local hospital have received a Kawasaki Disease information pack yet. If not, get in touch and let us know where you’d like us to send a pack to. Each GP pack costs us £5 to send – each hospital pack is £7. If you’d like us to send one to your local GP or hospital, you can donate your contribution here and let us know by contacting us here

GP Pack Locations Hospital Pack Locations