26 Jan – International Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day!

Every year – a BIG day in our Societi calendar is 26 January.  Why?  Because 26 January is International Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day!  For the last two years we have taken part and led the ‘UK leg’ of awareness raising, together with incredible activities and fundraising from Societi supporters.  Whilst this is an international event, we have focussed solidly on raising awareness here in the U.K. – whilst collaborating with international partners including the World Heart Federation.

In 2017 the UK took part in this awareness day for the first time, with a co-ordinated social media campaign, led by Societi Foundation.  We worked jointly with our fabulous partners, the British Heart foundation, and our international partner – the World Heart Federation – to reach a global audience with our awareness raising message.  We were supported by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, and the British Paediatric Surveillance Unit, and together with our sister charity, Kawasaki Disease Canada, we led a campaign and created a remarkable impact…

For 2018, we planned to – and did – make an even bigger impact, growing awareness raising and our fundraising efforts (so we can raise even more awaress…!) – with over 60 events and activities right across the U.K.  This was in addition to a media release which we circulated, working together with the British Heart Foundation, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Heath and the World Heart Federation.

Below is the information and links which we prepared so people could get involved directly and through their communities, and join us in raising awareness.

Why is Raising Awareness of Kawasaki Disease important?

Research undertaken here in the UK shows that children with Kawasaki Disease who are diagnosed and treated early have a lower risk of lifelong heart damage.  So – raising awareness is our TOP priority – if everyone knows Kawasaki Disease, our children will be treated sooner and fewer children will develop lifelong heart complications.

Help us?  Join Team Societi!

  • Do you want to get involved – as we launch our first awareness campaign of 2018? – YES!
  • Do you fancy being part of a global awareness initiative which will save children’s hearts? – YES!
  • Can you help us in our fight to combat Kawasaki Disease through raising awareness? – YES!
  • Get involved and please, LET US KNOW your plans!


Helping save children’s hearts might seem like a big ask! But there are so many ways you can help us achieve this. …………….here’s how you can help! 

YOU can make a difference!

On 26 January 2018, we want to grow our Kawasaki Conversation across the UK – involving as many people as possible.  How can you get involved?



  • Download a Kawasaki Conversation information pack – in here we’ve set out lots of ways to start a ‘Kawasaki Conversation’ in your community! Go on – TOGETHER we can make a difference!
  • Download our ‘printables’ – awareness raising posters and leaflets – and forward these by email to share them with your colleagues, your family, your friends – awareness raising is our main priority! Please let us know if you do. Knowing how many people we reach is important to us!
  • Display an Awareness Day poster at your place of work, local school, local supermarket – or take a copy to your GP and local pharmacy for them to display!
  • Organise a collection or put out a donation box on your counter in your office, or in a local shop – together with some leaflets – we can provide you with all this!
  • Organise a fundraising event such as a coffee morning, non uniform day or cake sale with Societi information – or a “wear red” day, where staff donate £1 to take part! Download a poster opposite for all of these!
  • Send our Awareness Day media release to your local paper, perhaps with your own story about Kawasaki Disease (or just on its own!) and encourage them to run it on or near to 26 January

…If you fundraise for us on Awareness Day – do send us the monies raised and we’ll use it to raise even more awareness!

We can provide you with information leaflets and posters if you would like to help – we would love to work with you so that everyone knows Kawasaki Disease – and our children get the life changing early diagnosis and treatment they deserve.

And… whatever you do to raise awareness  –  and wherever you do it  –  please do let us know! We’d love to promote your event.