International Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day

26 January – Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day

International Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day is such a big day for us in so many ways. The fundraising that our Societi Supporters lead on this day – and throughout January in fact, provides a CRITICAL source of income that helps us in our work for the year ahead, helping us to prevent heart damage in our children from Kawasaki Disease.

In 2021 – despite the HUGE challenges we were faced in the midst of Covid-19 restrictions and being in a National lockdown we made a HUGE impact in amplifying the voice of Kawasaki Disease awareness.

 Download our impact statement here. That remarkable impact was thanks to hundreds of AMAZING supporters, partners and key organisations who ran events, led fundraisers, ran press releases, joined us on social media, delivered awareness raising materials and much more.

If you’ve taken part, please take a moment and feel proud, because you’ve *really* made a difference. THANK YOU! ❤️❤️❤️


And here’s our campaign page from 2021 – the fundraising ideas and awareness materials are all relevant for ANY time of year so feel free to browse through and contact us if you’d like to make plans, for anytime – even Awareness Day 2021!

Keep an eye on this page from about November each year onwards, for everything you need to know about our next Awareness Day campaign.

Our 2021 Campaign Page

In 2021 we planned to be raising awareness of Kawasaki Disease throughout January – so if our supporters couldn’t get involved on the actual day – that didn’t matter! As we got closer to 26 January (a Tuesday) there were more events being held and there was a fantastically busy weekend before the 26th right the way through to the next weekend!

Download a Kawasaki Conversation information pack – in here we’ve set out lots of ways to start a ‘Kawasaki Conversation’ in your community! So – TOGETHER we could make a difference!

Help us?  Join Team Societi!

•    Do you want to be involved in our BIGGEST awareness campaign of the year? – YES!
•    Di you want to be part of a global initiative which will save children’s hearts? – YES!
•    Get involved and please, LET US KNOW your plans!


I’m in! ……That’s just GREAT!!

Click here for fundraising ideas and information!

Fundraising Ideas

Click here for awareness raising ideas and information!

Raising Awareness

YOU can make a difference!

On 26 January, we want to grow our Kawasaki Conversation across the UK – involving as many people, as many children, as many partners, as many sponsors – and as many companies as possible.  Let’s get planning!

And… whatever you do to raise awareness  –  and wherever you do it  –  please do let us know! We’d love to promote your event.