26 January – International Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day


International Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day…

…is THE biggest day in the Societi calendar. We are EXCITED!  Excited to work with our fabulous supporters, our amazing partners and for everything that will be happening throughout January in the lead up to this key day!

You can read our International Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day media release here!

Our unique partnership with Ava May Aromas

We’re so excited to have been invited into such a unique partnership – a first, ever, for Societi. And this is something so, so special – we’re so excited to share it with you on International Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day!

Ava May Aromas (a long-term favourite of Societi-super-supporter, Mrs Hinch) and Societi have come together to create a very special Societi wax melt and we’ve collaborated to design and develop it, to help get Kawasaki Disease known! Wow! Read more here…

Help us?  Join Team Societi! YOU WILL make a difference!

We need YOU!

Here’s just a handful of some of the things YOU could plan for International Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day:

❤️A Wear Red Day at your nursery, school or office

❤️  Have a Kawasaki conversation at a Societi Coffee Morning

❤️Speak to your child’s school to see if they’ll hold a Non-Uniform Day for Societi

❤️Arrange a super hero day at your child’s nursery

❤️  Hold a quiz night with your friends, family or colleagues

❤️ Organise an Awareness Day (with lots of awareness raising materials)

❤️ Get out and about and hold a ‘fun mile‘!

❤️ Speak to your local restaurant to if you can hold a curry night

❤️ Get baking and hold a cake sale at work, school or at nursery

❤️ Eyes down and hold Societi themed bingo night with your family friends or work colleagues

Download our fundraising pack here

Our fundraising pack is full of ideas and posters to print off to help you kick start your event! And, if you don’t find what you’re looking for or have a brilliant idea of your own – get in touch! We’ll be more than happy to help you where we can. 






Sharing is Caring!

Societi runs an awareness campaign for International Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day each year on our social media channels, posting every single day through the entire month of January. Visit our Instagram, Facebook page or our Twitter page and share, share, share our awareness raising posts so that ALL your family, ALL your friends and ALL your colleagues know to THINK Kawasaki Disease and can help protect tiny hearts too!




Raise awareness of Kawasaki Disease

There are loads of ways to raise awareness of Kawasaki Disease in your community and we’ve got the resources to help! Just download our awareness raising poster and leaflet pack below and you’re all set to go! Don’t forget to get in touch and let us know where and how you’ve been raising awareness of Kawasaki Disease.

Download an International Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day poster and leaflet pack – in here we’ve there’s lots of information and resources to help you start a ‘Kawasaki Conversation’ in your community and help protect tiny hearts! So – TOGETHER we WILL make a difference!






Help us SHINE A LIGHT on Kawasaki Disease!

Buildings and landmarks across the UK will be spectacularly lighting up to raise awareness of Kawasaki Disease awareness in local communities. Already we’ve received confirmation that the following landmarks will light-up red on International Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day 2024:

💡 Blackpool Tower 💡

💡 The BT Tower, London 💡

💡 Tower 42, London 💡

💡 Morgan Hotel, Swansea 💡

💡 Swansea Guildhall 💡

💡 Mersey Gateway Bridge 💡

💡 Hoad Monument, Cumbria 💡

💡 Ness Bridge in Inverness 💡

💡 The Corn Exchange, West Norfolk 💡

💡 The Tower of Refuge, Isle of Man 💡

💡 Ramsey Swing Bridge, Isle of Man 💡

💡 Torrent Council Buildings 💡

💡 Alex’s Oak Tree shop, Tavistock 💡

💡 Tavistock Town Hall 💡

💡 Gateshead Millennium Bridge 💡

💡 Heckington Windmill, Sleaford 💡

💡 The Town House, Hamilton 💡

💡 Bristol children’s hospital (Grand Appeal) 💡

💡 The Red House, Merthyr Tydfil 💡

Can you contact your local authority or landmark owner and ask then to light up their spectacular landmarks red on Friday 26 January to raise awareness of Kawasaki Disease? Be sure to let us know who you’ve contacted and who has agreed to light up to raise awareness of Kawasaki Disease. All this amazing work to light up local town halls, cathedrals and landmarks will get THOUSANDS of people up and down the UK talking about Kawasaki Disease! TOGETHER we WILL protect tiny hearts!


We’re absolutely delighted and so very privileged to once again have the support of Clear Channel UK, backing our 2024 national awareness campaign to get Kawasaki Disease known…..!

About Clear Channel

Clear Channel UK is one of the UK’s leading Out of Home media and infrastructure companies. As well as being a Platform for Brands, they provide a Platform for Good to positively impact the world around us and support good causes – like ours. We’re so proud to count Clear Channel as a deeply valued partner – making a massive change for good, for our children.

Getting Kawasaki Disease “on the radar” of thousands of people, is what this simply phenomenal support will achieve.

Their connection with our cause….

Far too many children suffer the most serious harm from Kawasaki Disease when the illness is first misdiagnosed, and treatment comes too late. The impact? Life long, and sometime life threatening heart damage.

Thanks to the powerful visibility Clear Channel are bringing, we’re getting Kawasaki Disease known. We’re helping to make sure parents can spot  it, so they can can advocate for their children. By getting it known, more doctors will able to diagnose it sooner and be ready to treat it quicker.

By getting it known, we are helping to stop serious heart damage – for all our children.

Clear Channel’s incredible gesture, enabling a simply massive outdoor advertising campaign for 12 days throughout January across England, Wales and Scotland – means Kawasaki Disease will be on the radar of thousands more people.

Our sincere thanks to Clear Channel

Generous support from Clear Channel is a “game changer” for EVERY child who will be affected by Kawasaki Disease this year. And that’s over a thousand children in the UK in 2024 alone. This campaign WILL save lives and it WILL protect our children’s precious hearts.

A huge thank you to our wonderful partners at Clear Channel. Thank you for using your #platformforgood for our children. Thank you for putting your scale and reach behind our cause and making a transformational change. We just **couldn’t** achieve this without you.

Get involved!

Have YOU spotted our advert when out and about? Let us know! Send us your pics and we’ll share them too! ❤️

And… whatever you decide to do for International Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day  –  and wherever you do it  –  please do let us know! We’d love to promote your event.