KD-CAAP – Information for Families

We’ve developed some information – leaflets and web pages, which we hope is helpful information for families and older children who are taking part in the trial.

We are at the beginning of the part of our trial when patients are invited to take part, and we will add to the information available for families as the trial progresses. Our KD-CAAP trial is due to run for 3 years and we plan to add things like regularly asked questions / answers which crop up at the start, to make sure families have as much information as we can provide.

Below are some links to information about Kawasaki Disease and the trial which you might find useful.

TEMPERS leaflet (English)

TEMPERS leaflet (Italian)

Long Term Issues Leaflet

What is the KP-CAPP Trial?

Trial newsletter

Parent Portal

My Societi Youth Portal 

Got any questions?

If there are things you would like to know, please get in touch and we will find answers for you and the information you need, if we can, in discussion with the doctors leading the trial.