Kawasaki Disease & Covid-19

Responding to your Questions and Concerns

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Societi Foundation has seen unprecedented demand for both our services and for accurate, fact based information.

If you already know Societi, you’ll know that facts are VERY important to us. Indeed, our Founder Rachael set up our charity in 2015 partly out of her own frustration of so much incorrect and out dated information. She wanted to hear from experts – doctors who really know Kawasaki Disease. And today, Societi remains true to this – with an unashamed, unrelenting focus on FACTS.

We have consulted our Scientific Advisory Board several times over recent weeks and they have responded with detailed statements and answers to your questions. To read their statements, just click the links below. Please check back frequently as we will work to keep this page up to date with information which responds to your questions and concerns.

05 Oct 2021 – Societi Foundation statement on children, young people and vaccines for Covid-19

24 May 2020 – Answering your questions on Kawasaki Disease, PIMS-TS and Covid-19, a statement from Societi Foundations Scientific Advisory Board

15 May 2020 – Inflammation in children – reporting on the PIMS-TS facts, and sharing a recent statement from the European Centre for Disease Protection and Control

28 April 2020 –  Societi Scientific Advisory Board response to press coverage on Kawasaki Disease and Covid-19, including a link to the RCPCH statement on the same

19 March 2020 – Societi Foundation Scientific Advisory Board Statement on COVID-19 and Kawasaki Disease – answering your questions

International Collaboration across our Communities

Also, click here to read a collaborative statement which we worked together with international Kawasaki Disease organisations – who all have faced the same challenges as the Covid-19 pandemic progresses. Read our shared statement published on 7 May here.

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We are working hard to provide you with information from expert sources during these incredibly difficult times, for all of us. We have launched an emergency appeal for funding to help us continue our work. If you’d like to make a donation, please click here