JustGiving & VirginMoney Giving

THANK YOU for considering fundraising for Societi!

We value every contribution and work hard to maximise the impact of all the funding we receive.

Societi is funded primarily by donations and contributions from fundraisers.  We currently have no sources of grant aid and no core funding.  We have no paid staff and do not pay for the office space we use, so our overheads are very light.  However – in order to raise awareness and influence change we do incur costs!

So – if you’d like to fundraise for us – and want to create a fundraising page on line for your event – we currently have two options for you.  Both of these mean you can set up and manage your own page, for your fundraising events and activities.

Our new  Virgin Money Giving page can be found here:


And our JustGiving link is:


Gift Aid

Both pages have the facility for your supporters to add Gift Aid at the time of making their donation. This is then automatically collected through the site and transferred to us.  It’s a great way to boost our donations so please do encourage your supporters to ‘opt in’ for Gift Aid if they are eligible to do so.