About Societi

Societi was established in 2015 as an organisation to raise awareness of Kawasaki Disease  – a disease which affects hundreds of children in the UK each year. Societi is an influencing and policy shaping organisation which works through partnerships to drive transformational change in awareness across the UK, about Kawasaki Disease.

Progress in understanding Kawasaki Disease has been severely hampered by poor levels of awareness, a lack of investment and a lack of essential research.

Children affected by Kawasaki Disease have excellent chances of a good recovery with timely diagnosis and the correct treatment. Raising awareness of Kawasaki Disease will ensure children receive prompt diagnosis and treatment and appropriate long term care.

Awareness – Our Number 1  Priority

Our ambition is that every parent, every doctor and everyone knows Kawasaki Disease.  You’ll find more information throughout our site on our awareness work.Here’s our latest campaign – spearheaded by a video we designed and made, which also marks the arrival of Societi 100 (#SocietiKids) into our awareness raising materials.


Actively pursuing change

In the UK, children affected by Kawasaki Disease today face the same poor prospects in terms of outcomes as they did 20 years ago.  We want to change that.

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What drives us

We are an influencing and policy shaping organisation.  We want to enable both urgently needed research and pursue changing policy and clinical practice for Kawasaki Disease across the UK.  Not enough is known about Kawasaki Disease, its symptoms or its treatment. Long term care for affected families is limited. Many agencies, doctors and parents are unaware of the disease. We want to change this.

Perceived once as a rare illness, this is an outdated notion which we will work to change. This perception hampers research into Kawasaki Disease which is stifled by lack of funds. It also hampers clinical resource allocation for the collaborative treatments and long term clinical support that research shows families need. A lack of awareness of the true incidence of Kawasaki disease amongst ‘front line’ clinicians needs to be addressed, in order for Kawasaki disease to be considered as a possible diagnosis at an early stage. We want all clinicians dealing with children to‘THINK Kawasaki Disease’ to encourage rapid, accurate diagnosis with prompt and appropriate treatment.

We don’t provide advice or support directly to families – because our partner KSSG UK does that.

In Partnership with KSSG

Societi is working in close partnership with KSSG – the support group for families affected by Kawasaki Disease. Members of KSSG can check here for updates on our partnership work together.