Get involved in a medical training project!

Our ambition is that EVERY parent and EVERY doctor – knows Kawasaki Disease.


We know that Kawasaki Disease is DIFFICULT to diagnose. We know too that symptoms present differently in our unique children! That’s why we use our icons to show the symptom cluster that doctors should look for rather than “typical” images of Kawasaki Disease. Because there is no “typical” when it comes to Kawasaki Disease!!

We know too that children from black and minority ethnic backgrounds make up a higher percentage of children affected by Kawasaki Disease in the U.K, relative to our population.

DID YOU KNOW….that medical textbooks rarely use images of symptoms (for any disease) as they appear on children of black and minority ethnic backgrounds. That’s shocking in itself! But given that every different skin tone affects how disease signs and symptoms show up we are keen to help – and assist doctors to diagnose children affected by Kawasaki Disease quickly!

These facts are the reasons why we are EXCITED to have built a partnership over the summer with Skin Deep – a project led by doctors that aims to improve the diversity in children’s skin images in medical education and medical books. We think that the Skin Deep project is INCREDIBLY important!

They are building a medical training resource – online – so that doctors worldwide can get to know what different illnesses can appear like on the whole range of skin tones – not just white! We have talked to our Scientific Advisory Board and they see HUGE value in this project which will focus on children with black and minority ethnic skin tones. They are keen too, to build a medical “Symptoms Library” of the very varied symptoms as they present on ALL children – as they know that all too often, extreme (and unrepresentative!) pictures are used in medical education too.

So!! We have TWO linked medical education projects which YOU can get involved in, if you like!

To get involved:

✅ You (or your child) must have clinically confirmed Kawasaki Disease (diagnosed by a doctor)

✅ You have good quality symptoms pictures which can be cropped to ensure they do not show any identifiable features (so your child cannot be recognised in any way)

✅ You’re happy to share these for the purpose of medical education with the Skin Deep project and our Scientific Advisory Board “Symptoms Library” project

Get in touch to let us know you want to be involved

We will tell you how to send your images and what information we need!

‼️‼️PLEASE DON’T SEND IMAGES until we’ve let you know where to send them as we won’t be able to use them without all the correct info!


Societi has always had a strict ‘Children’s Rights and Privacy’ policy – we NEVER use identifiable images of children in our work. Any images sent to us will be treated with the strictest of confidence and ONLY the symptom site will be made visible and used exclusively for medical education!

For more information on Skin Deep visit:

For more information about our Scientific Advisory Board, visit:

If you’d like to be involved, you contact us on the below form or go to the ‘Contact Us’ form on our website.