Societi is funded primarily by donations and contributions from fundraisers.  We currently have no sources of grant aid and no core funding.  We are a small (but growing!) organisation so our overheads are very light.  However – in order to raise awareness and influence change we do incur costs! See more about our work here.

If you’ve ever considered fundraising for Kawasaki Disease, there might be a variety of reasons why you may want to do this – or there may be particular things you’d like to contribute towards by making a donation. You can make a donation here.

Societi has a specific, clear set of aims and our organisation grew, in discussion with KSSG, in response to the need to raise greater awareness and change clinical care – here at home, in the UK. We also influence UK led, UK based research into Kawasaki Disease and our current major project is working with colleagues at Great Ormond Street Hospital and Bristol Children’s Hospital to develop a UK-wide research proposal for acute treatments for Kawasaki Disease.  There’s lots of international research ongoing but we URGENTLY need UK research, led by UK doctors – so we build knowledge and understanding here at home too – to benefit children in the UK.

Fundraise for Societi?

If you’d like to fundraise for Societi to make a difference right here in the UK, we can provide you with help and support. Take a look at our Getting Started page and if you’d like to discuss any ideas, please get in touch.