We’ve launched an EMERGENCY funding appeal and you can donate here:

With Kawasaki Disease hitting the headlines like never before – with world leaders even talking about it (!!) as they address their national press conferences during the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve been flooded with questions and concerns from worried families, anxious parents and people of all ages with a history of Kawasaki Disease.

We’re working to respond to media enquiries coming in every day from all over the world – and there’s an URGENT need to get trusted FACTS shared quickly to educate doctors and reassure worried families. We also need to accelerate our work to raise awareness far and wide — to reach those families who will be unfortunate enough to be affected by Kawasaki Disease – with our aim to help them get the rapid diagnosis and treatment they need….

As a small charity we are **struggling** to cope. With no Government funding or grant support at all, we are completely reliant on donations and fundraisers. Right now our resources are at an all-time low! Yet our work to protect children from Kawasaki Disease, the LEADING cause of acquired heart disease in children, has NEVER been more important.

We MUST continue! We URGENTLY need to:

❤️ Keep helping worried parents and affected families

❤️ Provide URGENTLY needed support to doctors in hospitals where there are Covid-19 clusters – helping them diagnose Kawasaki Disease correctly and quickly

❤️ Share and promote trusted medical advice – QUICKLY!

❤️ Get Kawasaki Disease known!! To make sure that children affected don’t get overlooked, with devastating consequences, in the Covid-19 crisis

❤️ Respond carefully and factually to media and press enquiries

❤️ Be a strong voice in the UK and Ireland research, working to help understand Covid-19 and PIMS

We simply CAN’T do this alone. We NEED YOUR HELP NOW!

We’ve launched an EMERGENCY funding appeal and you can donate here:

If you’d like to hold your own fundraiser, you can set up your own page linked to our campaign page – just click the link above. Fundraising can be great fun – even whilst we are socially distancing – why not try a virtual quiz, bingo night or even a virtual bake off with friends! Whatever you plan, get in touch and we will help you where we can!


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