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Following our Spring Survey feedback, you told us just how important you thought it was that GPs know and understand Kawasaki Disease. After listening to your feedback Societi decided to head up to Glasgow this October, for the 2023 annual Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) Conference! And, it was only with YOUR determination, dedication and tremendous support that we were able to go! THANK YOU to every single member of #TeamSocieti who fundraised for Societi and helped us to hit our target!

We NEED GPs to THINK Kawasaki Disease!

As many of you know, Societi has attended the annual RCPCH (the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health) Conference since 2017, with this year being no exception and we are already making plans for March 2024 – it’s a phenomenal way to engage with directly with clinicians who need to KNOW Kawasaki Disease!

Building on our remarkable success, we took another step forward with our mission to get Kawasaki Disease known and understood by ALL medical professionals who care for our children. Societi attended the 2023 RCGP Conference, in October 2023 and you’ll see from the images below that it was a huge success and we really stood out from the crowd!

We were able to have so many brilliant discussions with hundreds of healthcare professionals ranging from med students… to paramedics… to GPs… all of which now KNOW Kawasaki Disease!!
Lots of important Societi resources were taken away by attendees to;

✅   Learn more about Kawasaki Disease
✅   Share with colleagues or patients
✅   Protect Tiny Hearts
✅   Raise even more awareness!

Attendance at the conference was only possible because of the support we receive from our fabulous fundraisers. We are so grateful to each and every member of #TeamSocieti who champion and power our work. THANK YOU! If you’d like to fundraise for Societi and help power our work, get in touch – we’ll always help where we can!