Monday musings…

….it’s been a total rollercoaster over the last few days.

It was a huge privilege to join Tommy’s family at the celebration of his precious life on Friday. Tommy was just 14 months old. An emotional day but my goodness, a groundswell of passion and absolute determination within his entire community, led by his amazing mum Katie – to make a real change. Not in the future. But now – for Kawasaki Disease awareness. So many people – so many amazing offers of support… This is a moment in time to build on – that’s what everyone has said. And we will. We will keep the momentum going – that this amazing community across the whole of #Stamford has built! In Tommy’s name ❤❤ #AlwaysLoved

We commemorated the 5th anniversary for Grayson-Jaxx too on Friday, another beautiful, tiny life lost to Kawasaki Disease. He was just 4 months old. His wonderful mum Eden has been a powerhouse of awareness – determined to protect families from the loss her family have faced. Watch this space for her exciting plans too! #AlwaysRemembered

Then Saturday brought our super-Societi powerhouse, Gayle and her amazing crew – raising funds and “painting Hitchin RED!” with incredible supporters getting Kawasaki Disease known – with a mega-run around the local area.

Gayle, a phenomenal personal trainer 🙌 and marathon runner par-excellence has supported Societi for several years now. She’s on a mission to protect children’s hearts and she’s been one of our top fundraisers – always going the extra mile… ☺ #Inspired

After these intense days, Sunday brought a chance to reflect and ponder. And I’m as sure as ever…we must keep going! We must do more. We must be heard. And you know… we WILL be!

The week ahead takes us to the Houses of Parliament. We’re there representing ALL OF YOU! As a voice for all the children, and all the families that this disease has affected. We’ll speak to the policy makers and we’ll carry on – until we get Kawasaki Disease known.

And there’s more!!! On Sunday, we’ll be heading off to Birmingham for the three day RCPCH conference. We’ll be taking YOU with us there too! We’ll be letting doctors know how Kawasaki Disease has impacted your lives and that of your children’s. We’ll be telling them just how important it is that they THINK Kawasaki Disease, and we’ll be giving them all the resources they need to be able to KNOW Kawasaki Disease!

We do this WITH you. We do this BECAUSE of you, thanks to your support. We do this for YOU and for all the children affected by Kawasaki Disease.

Thank you for making our work possible with you donations and your support ❤ We really couldn’t do it without you.

Rachael, Societi Founder ❤