​​Societi Spring/Summer Newsletter
Date: April 2017

For an update on our work over the period July 2016 to April 2017 - find out what we have been up to at Societi and what we are planning next! Download a copy of our newsletter here!

Societi Summer Newsletter

Date: August 2016

For an update on our work over the period December 2015, when we began, to June 2016 - together with plans for the next six months or so, please download a copy of our newsletter here! 

KSSG Family Information Leaflet

The UK Kawasaki Support Group has a leaflet with information for families and those affected by Kawasaki Disease which can be found on their website -
 www.kssg.org.uk  ​

NHS Improvement Service – Patient Safety Alert – Stage One Warning
Correspondence to: NHS Improvement Service 

Publication date: May 2016

Requires action by all providers of NHS funded care to assess and act on risks re failure to recognise acute coronary syndromes in Kawasaki Disease patients.

Societi UK National Strategy for Kawasaki Disease
Date: March 2016

We have prepared an ambitious strategy to enable a co-ordinated approach to tackling Kawasaki Disease across the UK. Download our strategy here.

Awareness Raising Postcard
Date: April 2016

Societi has produced an A5 postcard to raise awareness of Kawasaki Disease. Download the postcard here.

The Gordon and Marilyn Macklin Foundation Challenge Grant – An International Research Collaboration

Led by Professor Jane C. Burns M.D. from the Kawasaki Disease Center, the Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego, United States, this research programme is underway and aims to discover the cause of Kawasaki Disease, develop a diagnostic test and develop new treatments for Kawasaki Disease. It is a partnership project between the US and UK with Prof Mike Levin, Imperial College London leading the UK investigations and programme. A website has been established to raise funds for this international research at:

http://cosmiccharity.org.uk/research/kawasaki-disease-research ​ 

For more information on the US-led programme, download the information leaflet here.

​​For Families

The UK Kawasaki Disease Foundation