Organisations with BIG hearts joins forces for Kawasaki Disease Awareness!

Organisations with big hearts join forces for Kawasaki Disease

Kawasaki Disease is the leading cause of acquired heart disease in children in the UK. Hundreds of children each year in the UK are affected by Kawasaki Disease and that number is rising dramatically. But as an illness, worryingly, it remains little known.

“All Heart” – that’s what it’s ALL about!

Rachael McCormack, Founder of Nottinghamshire based Societi, the UK Foundation for Kawasaki Disease said “We’re constantly looking for new ways for people to get to know about Kawasaki Disease – it’s just so important that everyone knows this disease. We had the idea to develop a luxury handwash which we’ve named “All Heart”. We wanted something which will be around in homes for a long time, become familiar – become well known. Which is just what we need Kawasaki Disease to be – if children’s hearts are to be protected. Early diagnosis and treatment are simply the best ways we have right now to prevent the devastating heart damage this disease can, and all too often does, cause. We were incredibly lucky to have fantastic partners to support us – both as sponsors and project developers – and bring our idea to reality!”

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