Awareness Raising 26 Jan!

26 January is International Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day!

Join Team Societi to make this the BEST yet!

• Do you want to be part of our BIGGEST awareness campaign – YES!
• Want to be part of a global initiative which will save children’s hearts? – YES!
• Get involved and please, LET US KNOW your plans!

If you haven’t done so already, please do download a Kawasaki Conversation information pack – in here we’ve set out lots of ways to start a ‘Kawasaki Conversation’ in your community!

Join Team Societi and Raise Awareness!

Thank you!! Here’s some suggestions to get your planning going – and whatever you do, there are lots of ways we can help!

Download our awareness raising pack – awareness raising posters and leaflets – and forward these by email to share them with your colleagues, your family, your friends – awareness raising is our main priority!  And please let us know what you do – knowing how many people we reach so important!

Display an awareness poster at work, at your local school / nursery, local supermarket (most have community notice boards) – or take a copy to your GP and local pharmacy them to display it!

Send an email to colleagues at work, friends and family with a link to our website  If you’re sharing info at work, be sure to check first as company policies might or might not allow this! But if they don’t, why not ask to see if getting something on the intranet is possible – or information on a notice board?

Ask us for a GP pack and take this to your local GP surgery – it’s full of information about Kawasaki Disease which will help protect children in your community!

Take a Societi Hospital Pack to your local hospital – anywhere with an A&E or which might see children with suspected Kawasaki Disease is a great place to take a pack to! Just get in touch!

Take a stack of TEMPERS in to your office, community centre, nursery or college – leaving the leaflets somewhere really busy – and you’ll grow awareness! Just ask us and we’ll send you all you need – or print some out A4 sized from this link!

–  Follow us on social media – we’re on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – and you can follow Societi on LinkedIn too.  Like, share and re-tweet our posts to help us reach more people!

–  If you’re on Facebook or Instagram, why not use one of our Societi Foundation frames for your profile pic? Just go to add a frame and search Societi Foundation. There’s a few to choose from! And you’ll be raising awareness every day!

We can provide you with information leaflets and posters if you want to help protect children’s hearts! We would love to work with you so that everyone knows Kawasaki Disease – and our children get the life changing early diagnosis and treatment they deserve.

And… whatever you do to raise awareness  –  and wherever you do it  –  please do let us know! We’d love to promote what you’re doing!


Over the next few weeks we will be adding resources and media to this page so you can download information, themed posters and more – so do pop back for updates.

Your help is CRITICAL…

Helping to protect children’s hearts might seem like a big ask! But there are so many ways you can help us achieve this. During January 2022, we want to grow our Kawasaki Conversation across the UK – involving as many people, as many schools and as many organisations as possible.  Please join Team Societi and help us get Kawasaki Disease known. 

We know that children with Kawasaki Disease who are diagnosed and treated early have a lower risk of lifelong heart damage.  So – raising awareness is our TOP priority – if everyone knows Kawasaki Disease, our children will be treated sooner and fewer children will develop lifelong heart complications.