Societi’s Children’s Hospital Partnership Programme

The Randal Charitable Foundation has awarded Societi Foundation with a grant to carry out vital work within UK hospitals – to dramatically improve Kawasaki Disease knowledge and disease ascertainment, shorten diagnosis times and enable rapid treatment of Kawasaki Disease – the leading cause of acquired heart disease in UK children.

Societi is currently running a 3 year engagement programme, forming strategic partnerships with major children’s hospitals in the UK and, via online resources, across Europe. We are providing support, clinical information, resources and training to ensure awareness and knowledge of Kawasaki Disease grows with the goal of effectively reducing heart damage in affected children. This is something we’ve had as a goal for some time! And it’s thanks to investment and support from the Randal Charitable Foundation it is possible.

This fantastic opportunity, thanks to the Randal Charitable Foundation is a milestone moment for our charity and will accelerate our work dramatically. Such powerful support means we can really drive forward with knowledge building among children’s doctors, who will then be equipped to ensure timely diagnosis and improved care for affected children. Our goals include a reduction in both loss of life from Kawasaki Disease and in the rate of heart damage in children over the course of this fabulous partnership programme.

The Randal Charitable Foundation was founded by Dr Nik Kotecha OBE and Moni Kotecha with a clear unwavering vision, which is to directly save lives, help the socially disadvantaged and significantly improve the quality of life for those in need in the UK and around the world.

Find out more about the Randal Charitable Foundation and the amazing work they do here.

See below for an update on progress and milestones for this important programme of work.