November 2019 UPDATED NICE Guidance published – Kawasaki Disease; Fever in Under 5’s

We WILL protect tiny hearts! Shaping national guidance…💕

…NICE – which is the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, have confirmed and now published revised guidance for Fever in under 5’s on their website. This includes new recommendations for Kawasaki Disease!!!

See here:

Creating Change

The changes are highly significant and very important indeed – helping healthcare professionals to THINK Kawasaki Disease and get that all important EARLY diagnosis!

This is a MASSIVE step forward in national guidance aimed at improving diagnosis, treatment and outcomes – benefiting thousands of children every year! We are THRILLED!!! 🥰 We know you’ll all appreciate too the HUGE importance of this updated guidance for our children! 💕


The revised guidance is based on the evidence reviewed by – and experience of – appointed NICE committee members. Our Founder Rachael was appointed by NICE to be a part of the NICE “Fever in under 5’s” committee – reviewing the guidance for Kawasaki Disease. We are hugely grateful that with YOUR support, Rachael was able to contribute directly to the work of this very important committee. It’s YOUR support through fundraising that makes these invaluable opportunities for progression possible. Working together we ARE protecting tiny hearts from Kawasaki Disease!!! THANK YOU #TeamSocieti ❤️

Follow the link here to read guidance in its entirety:

With this updated guidance, we’re another step closer to getting Kawasaki Disease more commonly known – protecting tiny hearts.