Know Kawasaki Disease

HAVE YOUR SOUND ON and WATCH our powerful and hard-hitting campaign video as parents, whose children have been affected by Kawasaki Disease, share their heart felt plea, to ‘Know Kawasaki Disease’ – the leading cause of acquired heart disease in UK children.

On average children are misdiagnosed 2-3 times before receiving a correct diagnosis of Kawasaki Disease. Delay in diagnosis and treatment means significantly increased risk of lifetime heart disease.

Share this video – don’t let another child suffer the devastating consequences of a misdiagnosis. Help us protect children’s hearts.

Kawasaki Disease is little known, but very serious – it’s fatal in up to 3% of cases if not treated and about a quarter of all children affected will go on to have lifelong heart damage. Societi research shows a present rate of up to 1,000 UK hospital admissions for Kawasaki Disease each year.

Incidence is rapidly rising globally. Kawasaki Disease is increasingly common; more common than measles and bacterial meningitis. Low Kawasaki Disease awareness is leading to delays in diagnosis and a direct, adverse and lifelong burden on affected children – resulting in a rapidly growing number of patients living with lifelong cardiac risk and needing specialist, costly care for life.

Kawasaki Disease is serious and always a medical emergency!!

We are so grateful to the simply incredible families featured in our ‘Know Kawasaki Disease’ film!

It isn’t always easy to share experiences about the devastating consequences of Kawasaki Disease. We want to say a HUGE big thank you to the INCREDIBLE families that kindly took part in our ‘Know Kawasaki Disease’ awareness campaign video. We hope that it will help grow understanding, awareness, and knowledge about Kawasaki Disease.