Kawasaki Disease Management

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Why?  Because Societi research and our conversations with clinicians across the UK have revealed sometimes inconsistent management approaches to both acute Kawasaki Disease and long term management  / clinical care arrangements.

Useful Resources and Research

NHS Improvement Service – Patient Safety Alert – Stage One Warning

NHS Improvement Service – Patient Safety Alert – Stage One Warning

Correspondence to: NHS Improvement Service. Requires action by all providers of NHS funded care to assess and act on risks re failure to recognise acute coronary syndromes in Kawasaki Disease patients.

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Acute Cardiovascular Management of Patients with previous Kawasaki Disease – NHS London Guidance

This guidance identifies risk factors, introduces the requirement for a person-specific protocol, and notes the need to ensure life-long follow up for those patients with coronary artery injury by a cardiology team with specialist interest in Kawasaki Disease.

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2013 UK Management of Kawasaki Disease

This paper sets out the UK recommended guidance for patient management and clinical care for acute Kawasaki Disease and indicates long term care needs, together with summarising recent advances in the understanding of KD pathogenesis and therapeutics.

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Diagnosis, Treatment, and Long-Term Management of Kawasaki Disease: A Scientific Statement for Health Professionals From the American Heart

Kawasaki disease is an acute vasculitis of childhood that leads to coronary artery aneurysms in ≈25% of untreated cases. It has been reported worldwide and is the leading cause of acquired heart disease in children in developed countries.

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Kawasaki Disease – Pearls and Pitfalls

An article on the diagnosis and treatment of Kawasaki Disease.

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