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Today is World Heart Day, please help me….. like and share my post on Kawasaki Disease – the leading cause of acquired heart disease in children in the UK – a cause that is VERY important to me.

SYMPTOMS of Kawasaki Disease are similar to many childhood illnesses which is why it’s often misdiagnosed. But Kawasaki Disease has a distinctive PERSISTENT FEVER for FIVE DAYS which can occur with a range of symptoms which you can remember easily with @SocietiFoundations “TEMPERS” mnemonic.

T – Temperature – persistent high fever for 5 days

E – Erythema – Reddened hands & feet with swelling

M – Mouth – dry, sore mouth, cracked lips – “strawberry tongue”

P – Pace – Treat EARLY to reduce potential heart damage

E – Eyes – bloodshot (not sticky)

R – Rash

S – Swollen glands in the neck, often just on one side

If a child has a persistent fever for 5 days and 2 or more symptoms listed above – Kawasaki Disease should always be considered as a possibility.

For more information please visit www.societi.org.uk

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