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I care about raising awareness of Kawasaki Disease – the number one cause of acquired heart disease in UK Children. Please help me spread this message on World Heart Day and share my post…..

Kawasaki Disease is…

– Serious!

– Little known

– More common than bacterial meningitis!!

– ALWAYS a medical emergency

– The leading cause of acquired heart disease in U.K. children!

If a child has a persistent fever for five days plus two or more Kawasaki Disease symptoms (a rash, bloodshot eyes, “strawberry” tongue, cracked, dry lips and redness of the fingers and toes), please THINK Kawasaki Disease!

Not all children with a persistent fever will have Kawasaki Disease – but for those that do, EARLY TREATMENT is essential to reduce the risk of lifelong heart damage.

Let’s get it known this #Kawasaki_Disease #WorldHeartDay 💕

For more information go to www.societi.org.uk