World Heart Day 29 September 2020

World Heart Day is a MASSIVE day in our calendar, second only to International Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day on the 26th January. We can’t wait!!

The World Heart Federation run this global campaign to raise awareness of heart health, and the importance of looking after our hearts. Each year we work together on World Heart Day to raise awareness of the leading cause of acquired heart disease in UK children – Kawasaki Disease.

This year we are once again partnering with the World Heart Federation on World Heart Day to get Kawasaki Disease known! That is our number one priority.

We know that misinformation causes fear and panic! We are working hard to dispel misleading and incorrect information about Kawasaki Disease, and we know that now, more than ever, parents and families need trustworthy and reliable information.

FACTS not Fear!

This year our campaign theme is FACTS not Fear – we are dispelling common misleading information about Kawasaki Disease, which only serves to cause fear and panic and giving you the FACTS that you know you can rely on.

Help us make plans, take part and let’s make World Heart Day a HUGE success for Kawasaki Disease awareness!



Check out how you can get involved in this year’s World Heart Day FACTS not fear campaign:

If you’d like to raise awareness and fundraise for World Heart Day or anytime in fact, let us know what you have planned, get in touch – we’ll help where we can!

You can find fundraising ideas tips and resources here fundraising pages here too!

Heart-to-Heart – Ask our experts!

We are working urgently to increase awareness and highlight the need to act to combat Kawasaki Disease – with FACT based information being shared across the UK.  Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen an unprecedented demand for both our services and for accurate, FACT based information.

In response we are hosting a Virtual Round Table (a meeting!) with members of our Scientific Advisory Board to discuss Kawasaki Disease. We have organised this so we will have the opportunity to ask our experts some of YOUR questions. If you’re U.K. based, and the parent of a child who has been affected by Kawasaki Disease, or if you’re a young adult with a question – or an adult patient – we are bringing YOU an incredible and exciting opportunity to have your questions asked to our Scientific Advisory Board!

If you have a question for our experts please let us know by completing this form.

We will also be sharing a recording of our Heart-to-Heart – watch this space, we will keep you updated.

Societi Virtual Run

Of course, our flagship annual Virtual Run event is back for 2020 – BIGGER and better than ever (thanks to our brand new Societi Active Committee). Entry fee is £20 for the Virtual 10k and £5 for the Family Fun Mile. Every entry to the Virtual 10k receives a brand new Societi Active t-shirt and free entry to the Family Fun Mile! All children will receive a personalised Societi certificate for completing their Fun Mile! A HUGE THANK YOU to everybody that has already signed up! JUST BRILLIANT! Run or walk your chosen distance – a Family Fun Mile or 10km, on your chosen day, from 22 August. Sign up here. Both races finish on 29 September – WORLD HEART DAY!

GP and Hospital packs in every County in the UK

We need doctors to be as vigilant for Kawasaki Disease as they are for meningitis. Dispelling the myth that Kawasaki Disease is rare – it is not rare – it is increasingly common and doctors should expect to see it and be ready to treat it. Therefore, this World Heart Day we want to send, as many as we can, GP and hospital packs to surgeries and hospitals in every county across the UK.

We know – with the simply FANTASTIC determination of our supporters we can and WILL make this happen.

If you can help distribute GP packs in your area, please get in touch!

The map below shows where we have already distributed GP and hospital packs throughout the UK. Have a look to see if your GP has already received a pack.

GP Pack Locations Hospital Pack Locations