Fundraising Ideas 26 Jan!

26 January is International Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day!

Join Team Societi to make this the BEST yet!

• Do you want to be part of our BIGGEST awareness campaign – YES!
• Want to be part of a global initiative which will save children’s hearts? – YES!
• Get involved and please, LET US KNOW your plans!

If you haven’t done so already, please do download a Kawasaki Conversation information pack – in here we’ve set out lots of ways to start a ‘Kawasaki Conversation’ in your community!

Join Team Societi and Fundraise!

We’ve created a poster pack to make it easy for you to download and print fundraising posters for your event, whatever it is that you decide to do! Here’s just a few ideas…

– Have a WEAR RED day at the office – participants can donate £1 to take part and we can send you a pack of info to share with colleagues, including posters for next to the coffee machine…and leaflets for everyone to help grow your Kawasaki Conversation at work! Fancy a lovely red Societi T-Shirt as your bit of red on the day? Shop for one here!

– Organise a FUN MILE – what’s that? It’s a walk or run of just a mile which ANYONE can take part in. Great for nurseries and schools as it’s a distance children, parents and grandparents can enjoy together! Bring in a £1 on the day to take part! Why not do this as a staff team at work? It’ll fit into a lunchtime, or even an end of day walk! Contact us for if you’d like posters and leaflets to advertise your event!

– Hold a CAKE SALE! What better way than with a gorgeous cake to grow a Kawasaki Conversation! Perhaps suggest some of the cakes are heart themed too!

– Ask school – or brownies / cubs – to have a NON UNIFORM DAY! Children can bring in £1 to support Societi and we can provide posters – and leaflets for everyone to take home to build awareness of Kawasaki Disease

– For nursery, suggest a SUPER HERO or FANCY DRESS day – helping raising awareness with families of very young children! We can provide you with posters and information leaflets for EVERY family.

– Organise a COFFEE MORNING, at home or at work, gather a group of friends and help share Kawasaki Disease knowledge over a fab cuppa! We can support you with materials and posters.

– Hold a COLLECTION or put out a DONATION box on reception at your office, on your desk – or in a local shop – together with some leaflets – just get in touch and we can provide you with all this! Our donation pots are fab – really eye catching!

TALK to your club, local WI, community organisation or church about Kawasaki Disease – why not ask them for a donation to our charity in January (or anytime during the year!)

– Raise money with WRISTBANDS OR PENS! We can provide you with your own supply and a display box, ideal for a counter top – perhaps in your local pub, cafe, coffee shop? Perhaps you run your own business and can put a wristband box – or even a donation pot in a prominent place? Just get in touch!

Make Your Event Fly!

If you’re planning to hold an event and fundraise – please let us know as there are lots of ways we can support you!  If you’d like a supply of wristbands, Societi pens, symptoms wallet cards or other merchandise to help your event really fly….just get in touch! We’ll help as much as we can!

Want to do something DIFFERENT? Why not….

SKYDIVE! What a way to fundraise and raise awareness! We’re linked to two firms – check out their packages here: Go on… get one booked!!

– Hold a BINGO night! We’ve had supporters raise hundreds of pounds by having a great night out….! Contact your local bingo hall as they may be able to help – or organise one in your community centre!

– Eat CURRY! Host an evening with friends – take over a restaurant together and ask for a donation to Societi, as well as putting TEMPERS on every place setting!!

– Be brave – and have your HEAD SHAVED! Get sponsored – get in your local paper – What a way to raise awareness!!

Your help is CRITICAL…

Helping to protect children’s hearts might seem like a big ask! But there are so many ways you can help us achieve this. During January 2020, we want to grow our Kawasaki Conversation across the UK – involving as many people, as many schools and as many organisations as possible.  Please join Team Societi and help us get Kawasaki Disease known. 

We know that children with Kawasaki Disease who are diagnosed and treated early have a lower risk of lifelong heart damage.  So – raising awareness is our TOP priority – if everyone knows Kawasaki Disease, our children will be treated sooner and fewer children will develop lifelong heart complications.