Societi Virtual 10k

Would you like to join #TeamSocieti…

…and be a part of the first ever Societi Foundation virtual run? Would you like to be one of the first people to receive a newly designed Societi Foundation medal? You can walk, run, jog, skip or dance your way around a 10km route of your choice!! Help us raise awareness of Kawasaki Disease – by taking part in this event – which starts on World Heart Day! Go on…

The important info:

💕  When: 29th September 2018 – World Heart Day – until – 27th October 2018 (you can do your run on any day between these dates!)
💕  Where: Any 10km route of your choice
💕  Why: to support Societi Foundation and of course to receive the all-important medal!
💕  How: sign up to our new Virtual Run Facebook group – or if you’re not on Facebook, contact us through our contact form to sign up and for more information
💕  Suggested donation to enter: £17.50
💕  How to claim your medal: send through evidence of having completed your 10km route to the FB page or via email. We will then send through your medal after the 27th October

How to enter:

To secure your place on this event and pay the suggested entry fee donation of £17.50 please visit:…/displayCharityCampaignPa…

Please also ensure that you email us at so that we have a record of your details, including your address. Why? We need to know where to send your medal!


If you’re taking part, why not let everyone know –  download and print our World Heart Day HEART HERO poster here: heartheroposter-TeamSocieti

Is there a Training Plan to help me? YES!

Andrew Patterson is a long term Societi Supporter, a hugely experienced competitive runner and running coach for some serious athletes! We are very grateful that he has put together a series of training plans for Societi – for our runners, working towards the 10km distance for our Virtual run. Whether your a beginner with limited time to train, a beginner with more time or already an intermediate runner – there’s a Societi training plan for you, thanks to Andrew!  Download our training plans here: Societi 10km training plans

Can my running club get involved? YES!

If you’re a member of a running club – why not recruit fellow runners and add this to your scheduled runs?  Or, double up! Do you already have a 10k race planned in our race period? Register for the Societi Virtual run, submit your planned run as evidence and you’ve two medals for one race! Excellent….!  If you’d like to advertise our virtual run within your club, please download our Societi Virtual 10k event poster.

Can I do more? – Of course you can!

If you would like to support us further, why not get sponsored for your Virtual 10k run? Contact us if you’d like to do this as we have set up a fundraising page for our run! Being sponsored may be the added motivation you need to achieve your 10km distance!!  And..

  • If you raise £100, you’ll have the option of having your entry fee refunded!
  • Raise £250+ and you’ll could also receive a Societi running vest!

What is Kawasaki Disease?

Kawasaki Disease is predominantly a childhood illness though it can affect people of any age. Its cause is unknown. Kawasaki Disease is the leading cause of acquired heart disease in children. Awareness of Kawasaki Disease is currently low and it is often mistaken for other common childhood illnesses, leading to misdiagnosis and delayed treatment. Children who go untreated or who are treated later face higher risks of developing complications including lifelong heart damage. Early diagnosis and treatment are key to better outcomes.

Kawasaki Disease – why haven’t I heard about this before?

Kawasaki Disease is increasingly common in the U.K, globally cases are rising fast – but it remains little known by doctors and the general public alike. We want to change this! Too many children and young people today have heart damage because of Kawasaki Disease. The consequences of this can be very serious and can be lifelong …help us change this.

Could I run a marathon for Societi?

If the thought of a longer run appeals to you and this 10km is the first in your marathon journey then why not run for Societi in the Brighton Marathon? If you are interested please contact us for further information. We have a very supportive running team to offer you advice – both nutritional and fitness and we’ll do everything we can (apart from the running 😃) to support you along the way and get you across the finish line!

Get in touch via the Facebook link above, by email at or here: if you’d like to sign up for the Virtual run and for more information about our Brighton Marathon places!

Please note:

When you undertake any activities in whatever form for Societi Foundation, you do so entirely at your own risk. We will not accept any liability should anything happen to you. You should follow the advice and instruction from professionals at all times. By participating, you confirm that you understand that your fee for this event is not refundable.