Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsoring Societi “All Heart”

What is it?

“All Heart” is a luxury hand wash – a collaboration between Societi, the U.K. Foundation for Kawasaki Disease and Shetland Soap – an award winning social enterprise specialising in the production of high quality handmade soaps and skincare, based in Lerwick, Shetland – www.shetlandsoap.co.uk

What is Kawasaki Disease?

Kawasaki Disease is the leading cause of acquired heart disease in U.K. children. Increasingly common, the disease worryingly remains little known and often goes misdiagnosed. Early diagnosis and early treatment are essential to prevent lifetime heart damage and as Kawasaki Disease is more common that some types of meningitis, we are working hard to raise awareness so that everyone can recognise the symptoms of this serious children’s illness.

Why a hand wash?

We are always trying to come up with innovative ways to raise awareness of Kawasaki Disease! We developed the idea of a luxury hand wash as a product which will stay in homes and offices for some time, be regularly used and become familiarwell known something which we urgently need Kawasaki Disease to become if we are to achieve our goal of reducing heart damage in children.

What does the sponsorship involve?

We’re inviting companies – or families – to partner with us in this project so that we can produce and distribute “All Heart” hand wash.  Each unit of sponsorship costs just £600 + VAT. Companies can sponsor 100 bottles – or multiples of 100 – that’s your choice.  In return, our sponsors get:

  • 10 bottles of hand wash per 100 bottles sponsored – perhaps for use within company premises, as exclusive staff, corporate or personal gifts – or for raising awareness of Kawasaki Disease among staff teams
  • A Kawasaki Disease information pack to raise awareness and promote the company sponsorship internally and externally
  • A joint media release – promoting you as a valued Societi sponsor
  • A social media launch as a new Societi sponsor – on Societi Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram

What happens next?

The remaining 90 bottles (per 100 bottles sponsored) are then sold by Societi to both raise awareness and fundraise – funds being used exclusively to pursue the objectives of the charity, raising further awareness of Kawasaki Disease.

We have “just” 65 million people to tell about Kawasaki Disease – the leading cause of acquired heart disease disease in our children. Your sponsorship of this project can directly and meaningfully help use raise awareness, whilst demonstrating tangibly within your organisation that you are actively contributing to a cause which is working to protect children’s hearts – ALL their hearts.


We would be delighted to have your support. It really can make a difference – for our children.  For a discussion to progress a sponsorship opportunity, click here to contact us.