Corporate Sponsors and Term Supporters

Societi Foundation is a small organisation with a HUGE job to do. We’ve “just” 65 million people throughout the UK to tell about Kawasaki Disease so that this serious disease is commonly known – and we know we cannot achieve this alone. With support however, we are confident we will achieve our aim! The donations and support we receive are critical in enabling us to continue our work and the support we receive from longstanding fundraisers, businesses, corporations and organisations means we can continue to achieve our objectives and plan our work well into the future.

As well as financial support, these supporters help to raise the profile of Societi Foundation and Kawasaki Disease by providing us with trusted and respected associations. We are working hard on building a growing  network of donors, partners and fundraisers, without whom, we could not operate.

Societi Foundation has been supported by – and is currently being supported by – the following companies and organisations.

We are deeply grateful to every supporting organisation, as without your long term support our work cannot continue.


The Flavour Works – We are very proud to be one of three charities which fantastic The Flavour Works have chosen to support in 2019, raising funds but also very valuable awareness. The  Flavour Works are one of the most innovative ingredients suppliers in the UK and we are just delighted to have their support. Thanks to Societi Supporters Caroline and Danielle for putting Societi forward!

Veswas – We are delighted to be one of two charity partners for the Veswas charity dinner in November 2019. Veswas are a leading firm of M&E engineers, providing high quality and technically advances services for a range of high profile organisations.   At the dinner we’ll have the opportunity to raise awareness with over 400 wonderful guests and we hope, build new partnerships with supporters too. Such a privilege! Thanks to Societi Supporter Neeta for putting Societi forward!

Roche Diagnostics – With a number of Societi Supporters raising funds, growing awareness, running marathons, hosting bake sales and much more, we are hugely grateful to the team at Roche Diagnostics UK for tremendous support. Roche is a world leading pharmaceutical and diagnostics organisation. Thanks to Societi Supporter Nick for inviting Societi to connect with Roche, it’s invaluable.

Lexington Health – We’re privileged to currently have the support of the leading communications agency in health – Lexington Health. Their support includes guiding aspects of our social media around awareness day and securing political engagement, so we can raise Kawasaki Disease as a priority issue with the UK government. Thanks to Alan for highlighting Societi to Lexington Health so we could establish this important partnership.

Sky UK – Once again Sky have match funded a Societi Support donation, doubling their fundraising! We are so grateful for the continued support of Sky who have contributed hugely to Awareness Day too during 2019, helping us to get Kawasaki Disease known! Thanks to Societi Supporter Neeta for this fabulous support.

Moravian Church – We’re hugely grateful to the Moravian Church for their continued support and generous donation once again this year to help us protect tiny hearts! Thanks to Societi Supporter Julie for raising awareness of Kawasaki Disease which led to this donation.


Greenstones – An award winning accountancy firm that sponsored the launch of our “All Heart” hand wash, to help build awareness in a lasting way in homes and offices.

Sky UK – who gave Societi Foundation a substantial donation which equalled the funds already raised by fantastic Societi Supporters who work at Sky.

Spartans Running Club, Hertfordshire – Fairlands Valley Spartans 2018 charity of the year is Societi Foundation. The club will be holding club events and races throughout 2018 to raise as much money as they can to help research and fight Kawasaki Disease.

Gauntlet Insurance – Generously sponsored Societi Foundation running vests so that our many runners who run and raise much needed funds through marathons can now raise awareness as they run too!

Clipsham Trust – This charitable trust operating across central Bedfordshire decided to donate to Societi, having been so impressed by the unrelenting hard work of a Societi fundraiser based locally to them, Lucy Patterson.

A south of England branch of a national organisation have nominated Societi Foundation as their named charity of the year to help raise funds and much needed awareness.

Lloyds Bank Head office in Wales nominated Societi Foundation as charity of the month in January – raising both awareness across staff teams and funding.

A national childcare company donated to Societi Foundation in January 2018.

Southgate Methodist Church, Brighouse – at the request of the congregation have nominated Societi Foundation for donations.

Lanarca LtdNottinghamshire based consultancy company, host to Societi Foundation.


The Parish Church of St. Deny’s, Cardiff – In December 2017 the congregation decided to allocate part of the Parish’s 2017 charity allocation to Societi Foundation.

Mathworks – An international corporation, made a donation to Societi Foundation nominated by a staff member in their Cambridge office, as part of their 2017 End of Year Donations Program.

Swire Charitable Trust – At the request of one of their colleagues, the London based Swire Charitable Trust, made a donation to Societi Foundation to help us further our work.

Lanarca Ltd – Nottinghamshire based consultancy company host Societi Foundation and have done since we began in 2015.

O Street – Communications and Design company – providing long term support to Societi on branding and communications from an internationally regarded team of designers.

Kawasaki Disease is the #1 cause of acquired heart disease in our children.

Together we will change that. Thank you.