1. Priority

We will work with others to enable them to recognise Kawasaki Disease as a priority for action and investment

2. Pace

We will act quickly, we will not be hindered and we will work with a momentum that comes from our motivation to succeed

3. Partnership

We cannot deliver our strategy alone. We will forge strong and lasting powerful partnerships with organisations and agencies who share our determination to transform the environment around Kawasaki Disease in the UK, and beyond.


At Societi we want to work in partnership with other organisations, charities, the media, Government Departments, the NHS and research Universities to build a strong network of understanding and knowledge around Kawasaki Disease.

We recognise that only by working
together can we transform the levels of understanding and knowledge about Kawasaki Disease, and through increased knowledge ensure timely, correct diagnosis and treatment for children across the UK.

​Through strong partnerships, we can lever investment, enable research, raise awareness and develop then implement new care standards. The resultant shift in medical practice will improve the prospects of children affected by Kawasaki Disease, pursuing a prompt, full recovery rather than a potential lifetime of medical care.

Work with us! If you'd like to become a partner, working together with us to tackle Kawasaki Disease, please contact us via the button below.

​​​Kawasaki Disease affects hundreds of children in the UK each year and its effects can be devastating.  But in raising awareness, we're committed to protecting children's privacy and children's futures. Working with a junior artist, we've developed Societi 100 - 100 "Societi Kids" for use in our awareness raising work.  Because we believe child privacy is important to you too, you'll never see unprotected images of children on Societi materials.

1. Awareness raising 
We will raise awareness of Kawasaki Disease to improve prompt diagnosis - through a dynamic multi media campaign, reaching GPs, paediatric clinicians, health professionals and parents. This is our primary aim. 

2. Clinical research 
We will identify funds and lever efforts building on enhanced awareness of need, to undertake and urgently advance critical research to understand, diagnose and manage Kawasaki Disease 

3. Clinical supervision 
Gaps exist in current provision for Kawasaki Disease children in their long term care. We will work to close these gaps, as well as connect long term care to long term research. 

4. Support for the UK Support Group 
We recognise KSSG as a lifeline when you’re at the centre of the “flat spin” that is a Kawasaki Disease diagnosis - so securing resources for KSSG - the UK support group which voluntarily supports families with understanding, advice and compassion - this is our fourth important aim. 

Working in partnerships globally, enabling research which responds to the UK presentation of the disease, raising awareness across the UK, developing better acute treatments and understanding the long term care needs for Kawasaki Disease are our key priorities. 

Kawasaki Disease is the leading cause of acquired heart disease in children in the UK.

...it's time we changed that.

​​​​Introducing Societi 100 - Societi Kids

Societi was established in 2015 as an organisation with a specific focus to raise awareness of Kawasaki Disease. We are an influencing and policy shaping organisation.  We don’t provide advice or support directly to families – because our partner KSSG UK does that.  We want to enable both urgently needed research and pursue changing policy and clinical practice for Kawasaki Disease across the UK.  Not enough is known about Kawasaki Disease, its symptoms or its treatment. Long term care for affected families is limited. Many agencies, doctors and parents are unaware of the disease. We want to change this.

Perceived once as a rare illness, this is an outdated notion which we will work to change. This perception hampers research into Kawasaki Disease which is stifled by lack of funds. It also hampers clinical resource allocation for the collaborative treatments and long term clinical support that research shows families need. A lack of awareness of the true incidence of Kawasaki disease amongst ‘front line’ clinicians needs to be addressed, in order for Kawasaki disease to be considered as a possible diagnosis at an early stage. We want all clinicians dealing with children to
‘THINK Kawasaki Disease’ to encourage rapid, accurate diagnosis with prompt and appropriate treatment. 

​​​- Our Organisational Aims

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Building and Growing Partnerships around Kawasaki Disease 

Kawasaki Disease affects hundreds of children in the UK each year and its effects can be devastating.

The UK Kawasaki Disease Foundation

​​​- Our Organisational Values