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​​​​Introducing Societi 100 - Societi Kids

​​​​Kawasaki Disease affects hundreds of children in the UK each year and its effects can be devastating.  But in raising awareness, we're committed to protecting children's privacy and children's futures. 

Working with a junior artist, we've developed Societi 100 - 100 "Societi Kids" for use in our awareness raising work.  Because we believe child privacy is important to you too, you'll never see unprotected images of children on Societi materials.

​​​​​In March 2017 our Chairman approved our Societi policy on 'Children's Rights and Privacy' in respect of Societi materials, in which we set out our commitment to raise awareness of Kawasaki Disease using every possible means but never compromising childrens privacy or creating an unwanted digital footprint for children affected by Kawasaki Disease.

Kawasaki Disease is the leading cause of acquired heart disease in children in the UK. It's time we changed that....

...together we will

The UK Kawasaki Disease Foundation