The UK Kawasaki Disease Foundation

Kawasaki Disease is the leading cause of acquired heart disease in children in the UK. It's time we changed that....

...together we will

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We have developed our strategy as the starting point from which to engage with our partners and discuss mutual opportunities to address the challenges we collectively face.

Our partners, stakeholders and organisations we are in dialogue with include:

​- The UK Kawasaki Disease Support Group  - KSSG

- NHS England                               

- Bristol Children's Hospital

- British Heart Foundation 

- World Heart Federation                                                       

- Great Ormond Street Hospital

- O Street Design                                                                            

- Imperial College London (St Mary's Children's Hospital)

​- Public Health England                                                                  


​​As a very young organisation we are actively looking for partners who can help us achieve our ambitious strategy ...What can you bring?

Working together with Partners and Stakeholders

Building and Growing Partnerships around Kawasaki Disease 

By working in partnership, we can achieve the stated aims of Societi and those shared aims of our partners and stakeholders. In partnership we can have greater impact, work with increased pace and reach and create the urgently needed step change for Kawasaki Disease - in awareness, timely diagnosis and treatment.

Click here to download resources available to our partners.  

At Societi we want to work in partnership with other organisations, charities, the media, Government Departments, the NHS and research Universities to build a strong network of understanding and knowledge around Kawasaki Disease.

We recognise that only by working
together can we transform the levels of understanding and knowledge about Kawasaki Disease, and through increased knowledge ensure timely, correct diagnosis and treatment for children across the UK.

​Through strong partnerships, we can lever investment, enable research, raise awareness and develop then implement new care standards. The resultant shift in medical practice will improve the prospects of children affected by Kawasaki Disease, pursuing a prompt, full recovery rather than a potential lifetime of medical care.

Work with us! If you'd like to become a partner, working together with us to tackle Kawasaki Disease, please contact us via the button below.

Whilst Kawasaki Disease presents a current and growing risk of scale to the UK's heart health, early intervention preventative measures are possible and can be put in place cost effectively. 

Please help us make that difference.

We want to grow our                    partnership to tackle Kawasaki Disease

​​                                             ...What can  you  bring?

Only by working and acting together can we overcome the immediate threat that Kawasaki Disease presents.