The UK Kawasaki Disease Foundation

Kawasaki Disease is the leading cause of acquired heart disease in children in the UK. It's time we changed that....

...together we will

​​​​​Our Work

Awareness Raising

This remains a top priority and we will not shift our focus from this. There’s lots to be done!


We must identify sources of funding if we are to continue with momentum.  We are working on this. Please help if you can.
E-Learning for Clinicians

We will complete the E-Learning module and start to distribute this to clincians and professional bodies.

Parent Information Resource

We will complete and arrange the hosting of the new Parent Information Resource funded by KSSG.

FOI  Patient Safety Alert

We will publish our FOI report when all replies have in fact been received! We’re nearly there....

UK Clinical Guidelines - Kawasaki Disease

We will coordinate discussions on the 2013 UK guidelines and opportunities to link to updated information.

National Clinical Trial 

We will submit a funding application for a National Clinical trial to the British Heart Foundation.

National Steering Group for Kawasaki Disease

We will continue to lead the UK Steering Group and allow our co-ordinated Kawasaki conversation to grow.

We're a new organisation.  We're small but growing.  And we're busy!  There is SO MUCH to be done!  We know Kawasaki Disease is SERIOUS!  Awareness is URGENT.... Join us - support us - help us? At Societi we're driven by our four strategic aims of Awareness raising, Clinical research, Clinical supervision and Support for KSSG.

We’ve set out here some of our main areas of work and the partners with whom we are working – or who are supporting us, organised to show how these contribute to our strategic aims.  For more information on or if you'd like to contribute to any of our projects, please contact us!  
​Our short term work focus areas are also noted below.