The UK Kawasaki Disease Foundation

Nicky & Sue are Co-Founders of the KSSG in the UK.  Some credit for setting up the group must go to the third original member, Zaen.

Sue Davidson

Sue is married with two grown up children and lives in the Midlands.  Her youngest was diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease in 1992.  Initially she searched for any information throughout the world (before the internet!)  Managed to find some and wondered if others were going through the same ordeal.  She got in touch with Contact A Family, where she ultimately met with the co-founders of the group.

Her Role In KSSG

Sue manages the National Helpline and liaises with recognised medical professionals, experienced in Kawasaki Disease.  She is involved in the day to day running of the helpline and keeps up to date with any updates worldwide; collation of information into anonymous statistics and these are used in research and medical papers that our Medical Advisors submit.  She was instrumental in helping to set up the first Kawasaki Clinic in the UK.  Sue has been involved with several published medical papers. 

On a lighter note, recently she was ask to quote on an article to do with Kawasaki Disease in a UK newspaper and on searching the net, this quote was found translated into nearly half the worlds languages!  

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Kawasaki Disease is the leading cause of acquired heart disease in children in the UK. It's time we changed that....

...together we will

Who are the Kawasaki Support Group?

The group was established in June 1994 by three mothers of children with Kawasaki.  It is still run by two of them, Sue Davidson & Nicky Clements.

KSSG has support from the medical profession and have set up a telephone help line giving parents information and understanding.  KSSG works to raise awareness of both the illness and the group.  The support group currently has over 1500 families and is growing every month.

Helping with research and gathering information about the illness and the children affected is very important to KSSG.  KSSG collates information about affected children, their families and their illness using a questionnaire for parents.  No personal information is used but the statistics we gather aid in much needed research.

KSSG raise funds to help their running costs to be met.

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Nicky Clements
Nicky is married with three grown up children and lives in the South East of England.  She works as a full time PA.  Her youngest was diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease in 1993.  Initially using local media she searched for other parents, resulting in 12 contacting her.  One of these contacts was instrumental in putting her in touch with Contact A Family where she met the other co-founders of the Support Group.
Her Role in KSSG

Nicky is primarily involved with the financial side of the group; general admin; website/social media maintenance and fundraising support.  She was instrumental in organising the Family Day in 1996, where Panorama filmed for a programme on Kawasaki Disease, aired in November 1996.

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