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Kawasaki Disease is the leading cause of acquired heart disease in children in the UK. It's time we changed that....

...together we will

ARCHIVE: 26 Jan - International Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day! Join us in 2017, to raise awareness & help save tiny hearts!



29 September 2017

Children's Hearts at risk!

We're telling the world about our TEMPERS on World Heart Day​​

We've been just delighted with the level of support we've had from our partners in 2017 so far. Mobilising quickly to capitalise on Awareness Day, we worked together with the World Heart Federation, British Heart Foundation, Kawasaki Disease Canada and the RCPCH - to name a few partners - to lead the UK 'leg' of this important annual event, focusing on Kawasaki Disease.

​By working in partnership, our social media campaign reached tens of thousands of people - we reached over 50,000 people with our own tweets and benefiting hugely when amazing partners like Virgin Trains and EE, been just amazed at the community we have been able to reach and connect with.  Ailsa, our Glasgow 'poster girl' engaged us with Jive Glasgow and the Scottish student community - THANK YOU!

​Retweeted by big players like Jive Bristol, our 'Our man in Bristol' tweet of the fabulous Prof Rob Tulloh was the most re-tweeted tweet of our campaign - we were not surprised!

​One single #ShowUsYourHeart tweet - John, Chef on Virgin Trains, when retweeted by Virgin Trains, reached over 10,000 people (as well as going to the accounts of 220k Twitter users!) British Transport Police were AMAZING too in their support for us, being our 'poster boys' for the London press release pic.

​Colleagues in Kawasaki Disease Canada played a huge role too - as co-authors of our joint press release and as Twitter 'companians' throughout 26 January.

​And last but not least.....our amazing individual Twitter followers, including KSSG and so many dedicated people who were alongside us all day, retweeting and raising awareness through their own messages - through Facebook, LinkedIn and much more. 

WOW!!!!  What an amazing start to 2017.  Now on to do more.... Join us!

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What is Kawasaki Disease?

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Press Release for International Awareness Raising Day


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​Example Facebook Post & Tweets - Gaelic

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We are building a global conversation about Kawasaki Disease in 2017. Starting here in the UK, from every corner of the UK, we want to people to "show us their hearts" for Kawasaki Disease awareness.  With gorgeous images from across the UK and far beyond which represent an international conversation on Kawasaki Disease, we will create a powerful focus on Kawasaki Disease throughout 2017. This is just the beginning...

Below are links to information, a guide to how to get involved and resources that can be downloaded and used for Kawasaki Disease awareness raising. It'll take you just five-minutes-and-a-smile to take part. So go and grab your phone.... What are you waiting for?!

Our awareness raising journey through 2017 continues with pace - with the launch of our animated video, building on our working over recent months to grow our Kawasaki Conversations across the UK - so that every parent, every doctor - and everyone can know and recognise Kawasaki Disease.  Our Media Release can be found here - which includes quotes from partners:

Sky - Chief Operating Officer, Mr Chris Stylianou

British Heart Foundation - Chief Executive, Mr Simon Gillespie

Societi - Founder - Rachael McCormack

​Great Ormond Street Hospital - Professor Paul Brogan

​British Paediatric Surveillance Unit - Scientific Co-ordinator, Mr Richard Lynn

And continued fantastic support from colleagues at the World Heart Federation

​To all our partners - without whom we could achieve progress - THANK YOU! 

​For our Media Release - please click here  See embedded video on home page here

Kawasaki Disease is the leading cause of acquired heart disease in children in the UK.'s time we changed that.

Working with the British Heart Foundation and World Heart Federation on World Heart Day - we want to highlight the risk to children's hearts that little known Kawasaki Disease presents.

Kawasaki Disease is the #1 cause of acquired heart disease in children in the UK and children's lives are at risk because the disease remains little known. On World Heart Day - 29 September we want to raise awareness of this increasingly common disease and help prevent acquired heart disease in children. 

​So….What’s the big ask, you ask? Well, it isn’t big!

Above is one of our #ShowUsYourHeart images - in gorgeous Glasgow.  We're running a social media campaign to raise awareness of Kawasaki Disease in the run up to 26 January - but we'll carry on our work way beyod this milestone date.  We want to create, together with you, a storyboard of photos from people from around the world “showing us their hearts” for Kawasaki Disease awareness.  With this we want to build a powerful, UK-led global conversation about Kawasaki Disease. 

So, with a kick start focus given to us by International Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day, throughout 2017 we want hundreds and thousands of wonderful people (that's you!) to ‘show us your heart’, with their fabulous smiles, from beautiful places and if we’re lucky, from iconic landmarks and places around the world - or a combination of all four!  It takes just five minutes-and-a-smile to take part. So go and grab your phone....

In a nutshell - how do I take part?

1. Take a pic! It should contain the #ShowUsYourHeart symbol (you make with your hands) - essential :) - and one or more of the following:
·         Your beautiful smile ;)
·         An iconic place or iconic brand in the background
·         A beautiful place or setting

2. Send your lovely pic(s) via twitter and include @Societi_UK_KD and our tags; #THINK_Kawasakidisease  #ShowUsYourHeart #KD26Jan or by email -  Tell us who you are (first name is fine) and where!
If you're tweeting on or before 26 January, don’t forget to mention Kawasaki Awareness Day - and why not mention your business too?  If you email - we will re-tweet your pic!

​......If you're on Facebook - download the example post below and post your pic (together with our Kawasaki Disease Symptoms image in the download) and share, share, share with your friends!

​.......If you love Twitter - follow us on Twitter @Societi_UK_KD (please!), re-tweet our tweets (please!) and we've put together some tweets you can use in the download below.

3. A few rules and things for you to note please (there are always rules aren't there!) :)

To help us raise the very best level of awareness and really get great media interest throughout the year:

The people in the picture(s) you send us must be over 18 and by sending the picture(s) to Societi you/they consent to have these used as part of our campaign to raise awareness for Kawasaki Disease.

Images will be tweeted or re-tweeted by Societi, on the Societi website and may be used in connection with the Kawasaki Disease awareness raising campaign (if you’re not happy for us to do this – let us know)

Thank you for your support! We look forward to your gorgeous pics!

Download our World Heart Day TEMPERS press release here

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​​​​​​So - How did we do on International Kawasaki Disease Awareness Raising day?      ...Our Impact - in partnership!

ARCHIVE: 26 June 2017

Societi launches animated awareness video

from Sky UK HQ in London with Sky COO UK

& British Heart Foundation CEO​​