The UK Kawasaki Disease Foundation

We are an influencing and policy shaping organisation.  We don’t provide support directly to families – our partner KSSG does that.

Societi has four aims:

  1. Awareness raising, a strong voice

  2. Clinical research - influencing funders/policy 

  3. Clinical supervision - shaping new care needs

  4. Supporting the UK Support Group

Societi was established in 2015 to raise awareness of Kawasaki Disease and drive forward change. 

We work in partnership with the Kawasaki Support Group UK (KSSG), an entirely voluntarily
run organisation which can provide direct support to families experiencing Kawasaki Disease. Contact KSSG via their website: or click here

Societi has been established to give a voice to Kawasaki Disease - a disease which affects hundreds of children in the UK each year.  Societi is an influencing and policy shaping organisation which works through partnerships to drive transformational change in awareness across the UK, about Kawasaki Disease.

​Progress in understanding Kawasaki Disease has been severely hampered by poor levels of awareness, a lack of investment and a lack of essential research.  Children affected by Kawasaki Disease have excellent chances of a good recovery with timely diagnosis and the correct treatment. Raising awareness of Kawasaki Disease will enable timely diagnosis, correct treatment and appropriate long term care.

Introducing Societi 100 - Societi Kids!

About Kawasaki Disease

26 January was International Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day - Click here for our Media Resources page to find out more!! 

We've started a global conversation from 26 January to build throughout 2017 - join us - and make 2017 the year that transforms Kawasaki Disease awareness!​  Get involved to save tiny hearts...


Societi attended the RCPCH Conference in May 2017. Click here to read about this hugely beneficial event in our Impact Statement 


NEWS - 5 May 2017 -  Our Spring/Summer Newsletter is out! Click here for your copy

Societi Newsletter!

 Societi was created to bring a co-ordinated approach to tackling Kawasaki Disease.  We recognise that across the UK we have specific challenges, a particular  presentation of the disease which needs a bespoke response, and most of all we need much greater levels of awareness, starting with the UK medical community, of Kawasaki Disease.

​We have prepared an ambitious strategy which identifies and proposes a response to what we have identified as the priority actions to permanently and positively change the  environment around Kawasaki Disease for British children. In order to achieve this strategy, we cannot act alone.  Our organisational values shape how we will deliver the needed transformations which we have set out in our UK Strategy (download this on the Resources page).


We will work with others to enable them to recognise Kawasaki Disease as a priority for action and investment


We will act quickly, not be hindered and with a momentum that comes from our motivation to succeed


We cannot deliver our strategy alone. We will forge strong and lasting powerful partnerships with organisations and agencies who share our determination to transform the environment around Kawasaki Disease in the UK, and beyond. 

Charity Organization

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Kawasaki Disease is the leading cause of acquired heart disease in children in the UK.'s time we changed that.

Our Approach

A Year in Societi!

Why Societi?                  

​​- In Partnership with KSSG 

Key issues - our infographic

- Our Values 

Societi has worked with a junior artist who has created drawings of 100 children - Societi 100 - for us to use as we raise awareness of Kawasaki Disease. Find out more here!

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Societi is working in close partnership with KSSG - the support group for families affected by Kawasaki Disease.  Members of KSSG can check here for updates on our partnership work together.

Identified in 1967 in Japan by Tomisaku Kawasaki, the cause of Kawasaki Disease is still unknown. 

The illness - as Kawasaki Disease presents with some symptoms mirroring a range of other childhood diseases - is often misdiagnosed.